Shattered Heaven è il primo video-card-game italiano thumbnail

Shattered Heaven is the first Italian video-card-game

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The new trailer arrives today Shattered Heaven, a new game developed in Italy that mixes roguelike mechanics, strategy and fights typical of card-games. It is no coincidence that it is presented as a video-card-game, the first developed in Italy. To realize it are the same creators of the visual novel Dry Drowing, with the supervision of the publisher Leonardo Interactivethanks to a Kickstarter campaign.

The result is an absolutely atypical game for the Italian gaming scene, out April 19, 2023 on PC. However, for those who don’t want to wait any longer, a free demo can be accessed on Steam.

The trailer for Shattered Heaven, out April 19th

In the trailer we see a abandoned world in which humanity, guilty of having betrayed God and having caused his downfall, finds itself cursed and forced to feed on what little the earth, which has become hostile and arid, still has to offer. In this chaos of despair there are four factions, destined to fight each other for survival. Thus was born War of the Ascension. Players will find themselves catapulted into this godless world, meeting characters with many facets.

Players will be called to control a team made up of three characters. Each of these has its own exclusive deck of cards (and here the card-game aspect is revealed) to be used in multi-level dungeons (and here the roguelike side). The result is a decidedly interesting mix of genres, between fighting and strategy, between role-playing and roguelike, between death and survival.

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