Dell unveils some concepts that anticipate the tech future of the world of work

Dell svela alcuni concept che anticipano il futuro tech del mondo del lavoro thumbnail

Dell unveiled a series of innovative concepts linked to the world of technology and possible future products arriving on the market. These are possible evolutions of the solutions available today that focus on eco-sustainability and on maximizing the user experience for users. Here are the full details.

Dell’s concepts for the technology of the future

The first solution is Concept Flow. It is a system that provides for the automatic and wireless connection of the laptop with the monitor, the various peripherals such as mouse and keyboard and the connection to the Internet. The connection is made even before opening the laptop. This Dell concept aims to anticipate a possible evolution of hybrid work, with an alternative between office work and smart working,

Then there is Concept Pari. It is a wireless webcam designed to make your presence in video even more natural during meetings. Another solution proposed by the company is Concept Stanza. It is a device designed to take notes in a smart way, thanks to a special pen. There are no cameras or speakers and text sharing is immediate.

It should also be noted that the company also showed Concept Luna. The concept in question anticipates the design of a sustainable notebook. For more details you can take a look at the link below.

The news on video

Here is the video showing the concepts described above.

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