Sisal: entry into the Italian Esports Observatory is official

Sisal: è ufficiale l'ingresso nell'Osservatorio Italiano Esports thumbnail

Sisal, an Italian company that has been operating in the gaming sector since 1946, joins the network of the Italian Esports Observatory, the first B2B networking, information and training platform for sector stakeholders. The agreement is part of the strategy of the company which, since its inception, has a central role in the evolution of the entertainment sector through brands that have entered the common language such as Totocalcio, Totip and SuperEnalotto, flanked over the years by the arrival of brands like Matchpoint (2004) in betting and Win for Life (2009) just to name a few examples.

Sisal’s interest in the entertainment of its consumers all over the world (Sisal also manages the Lottery in Morocco and Turkey) leads the company to be continuously attentive to new trends and emerging phenomena such as Esports, an expanding sector which will also offer great opportunities for the betting world. Hoping for an important growth of Esports in the immediate future as has already happened in other European countries, Sisal will be able to field its great experience in providing an important point of view on the development of betting, both to the OIES partners and to the entire export movement. Italian with the aim of confirming its leading role also in the Esports market and its events.

This is an entrance that further expands the presence of companies within the Observatory. The convinced participation of brands in OIES activities is one of its strengths, which has made the Observatory the main body for promoting the sector. The constructive approach of the companies is a precious value that drives the growth of the Italian export market in terms of business and knowledge of operators.

“The agreement with the Italian Esports Observatory confirms how Sisal is able to combine its heritage with
great evolutionary drive that leads it to always compete with new challenges “, says Massimo Temperelli,
Managing Director Betting di Sisal
. “Becoming part of a network like OIES, young and already widely
consolidated within the Italian panorama, it allows us to get involved in an emerging sector of which we are convinced we have understood its potential and for which we are confident of facilitating its growth in the short term “.

“Sisal’s entry into the OIES network is a source of great pride and demonstrates the virtuous path that
the Observatory fulfills the needs of brands – comment Luigi Caputo and Enrico, co-founder
of the OIES
-. The large presence of companies is indicative of the willingness to understand the opportunities offered by
this market and exploit them appropriately. We as OIES will always be in the front row to approach the
brand towards the knowledge of this world, and concretely contribute to the growth of the movement
Italian sports car”.