Demand for iPhone 13 falls, Apple warns supply chain partners

iPhone 13 mantiene il suo prezzo, grazie alla crisi dei chip thumbnail

Apple is communicating to its suppliers and partners that it may not order all components expected by the arrival of 2022, for a drop in demand for iPhone 13. The Apple, which already has lowered the goal sales of 90 to 80 million devices in 2021, does not think it can recover next year.

Demand for iPhone 13 drops, Apple contacts suppliers

The report comes from Bloomberg. Even without an official communication, it seems that Cupertino is being warned in a manner inform supply chain partners, which supply the components of the iPhone. Demand is dropping, Apple could soon slow down production.

Like any other technology company, Apple has had trouble dealing with the chip shortage. CEO Tim Cook had previously explained that Apple could lose up to $ 6 billion in profits due to the difficulty in finding silicon, as well as plant closures due to the Covid-19 pandemic. But the company made sure to arrive at the announcement of the iPhone 13 with enough devices to meet the demands.

The Apple had planned to producee 90 millions of units in 2021, instead of the usual 75 million for the launch of a device. But it seems to have been too optimistic. Now, according to the Bloomberg report, he wants to decrease production to avoid having too many unsold devices.

The drop in demand could also be due to the fact that iPhone 13 is depreciating more slowly than its predecessors. Perhaps some Apple users want to wait for it to drop by a few tens of euros before buying the smartphone. Or the promise of a ‘Revolutionary’ iPhone for next year, which many analysts seem to suggest, has led many Apple aficionados to wait.

Either way, iPhone sales appear to be below expectations. Although perhaps the launch of the new iPhone SE next year could help Apple reverse the situation.