Titanfall: The game has been removed from every digital store

In the last few hours Titanfall, the first title of the ill-fated Respawn Entertainment and Electronic Arts series, has disappeared from any digital store

Titanfall has been a franchise since huge potential. After debuting in 2014, the first title was a smash hit, setting itself apart from other FPS and futuristic warfare titles, such as Call of Duty and Battlefield. The ability to move through the Titans, giant robots controllable by users, the variety of weapons that were not limited to firearms, the design of the maps and the freedom guaranteed within the game, a concentrated gameplay on parkour and incredible verticality.

These qualities, combined with a setting that gave the feeling of being in a raw sci-fi war, immediately conquered gamers. However, even good things sooner or later find an end: Respawn Entertaiment, in fact, is starting to abandon support for the progenitor title of the series, starting with the removal of Titanfall from every digital store.

Titanfall will no longer appear in the digital store of the various platforms

While Apex Legends continues to make sparks as far as the number of players and events offered within the game is concerned, the same cannot be said for the work from which it was inspired, Titanfall, a title lately. mistreated by both Electronic Arts and Respawn Entertaiment itself. Its sequel, Titanfall 2, also continues to receive DDoS attacks, and server problems still persist, especially after Respawn said it intended to fix the problem by entrusting the task to just a couple of developers.

Now is the time to face the sad reality: on Twitter the videogame studio wanted to officially announce the abandonment of the first Titanfall game, which has been removed from every digital store, and starting from 1 March 2022 also from subscription services. However, the online stay of the servers is confirmed, which will remain active in order to allow the few users still left to access the games. A small consolation, considering the premises made in the previous lines.

Respawn Entertaiment also has tried to reassure the fans, considering Titanfall a fundamental part of the development studio’s DNA, and ensuring a continuation of the incredible universe to which the series belongs, both currently with Titanfall 2 and Apex Legends, and in the future. The Titanfall franchise will in fact be the element that will guide the next experiences created in Respawn. Unfortunately, this will by no means mean the arrival of some urgent news regarding a new Titanfall game.

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