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Demo Day: Cinecittà Game Hub was a success

A few days ago, later four long months of work e trainingthe long-awaited was held Demo Day in which institutional actors promoters of the Cinecittà Game Hub. Which nove start-up attendees showed the work done to some international publishers in the sector.

Cinecittà Game Hub: a day dedicated to video games

The main goal of the Game Hub was to provide young people the necessary tools to turn their ideas into products able to compete in the video game market. The video game sector, in our country, is valid 2.2 billion euros; however it still has too few leading Italian companies.

Cinecittà Game Hub is an initiative promoted by Cinecittà Spa and from Lazio region con LazioInnova together with Ministry of Culture; with the contribution of IIDEA and the support of three important players in the sector: Sony Interactive Entertainment, ACER ed Epic Games. During the press conference, which was held before the presentation of the projects, Nicola MaccanicoCEO of Cinecittà, said:

We are very satisfied with this path. We can talk about a different Cinecittà, where we are connecting the strength of our history with the contemporary world, hosting major international productions and helping to grow new creativity and professionalism. The young people of Cinecittà Game Hub have worked alongside generations of creative experts. Finding a connection point between creativity and the real video game market is a moment of great importance and fundamental for growth. This is why we supported this first Game Hub and we are working on the next one.

After talking about the project and their expectations, he then took the floor Mauro Fanellithe one who coordinated the Game Hub tutor group. Fanelli, satisfied with the work of the boys, drew a more than positive balance:

We have set our work on building talents capable of not only creativity, but also business in the world of video games. We were the first accelerator in Italy and I am convinced that we have done very well in this market. We have been an important bridgehead that has unlocked many other initiatives in Italy.

The nine start-ups and their projects: Adalot Network – Satan Jr.

Adalot Network – Satan Jr.

Now instead we illustrate you the 9 start-ups selected by the Cinecittà Game Hub with a public tender, and the projects they have worked on. The first start-up is Adalot Network who presented the project Satan Jr. We are faced with acomic graphic adventure featuring numerous puzzles to solve, unlikely riddles and a dash of dark humor.

The game tells the story of Satan Jr, son of Satan but also his antithesis. He is indeed lazy and indolent, with no power but a flammable thumb and his “gray matter”. His father entrusts him with the delicate task of sign contracts with humansthat is to say take their soul in exchange for the realization of one of them wish.

Satan Jr in search of new “customers” runs into situations where humanity gave the worst of himself. Unexpectedly, for being a son of Satan, our protagonist shows one special interest in the environment and for social inequalitieswhich he sports using his disenchanted cynicism.

Il first chapter of Satan Jr, according to the forecasts of Adalot Network, will come out on PC (Windows, Linus, macOS), Nintendo Switch e mobile devices (iOS, Android) a September 2022.

Baryonyx Games – The March

the march tech princess

the march it’s a roguelite characterized by management and strategic elements. In the middle of the Second World War a group of Axis soldiers refuses to carry out inhuman orders e turns against the superiors.

Their only hope is to survive the cold and to enemies on the march home. The player must maintain units during the long journey, while facing unpleasant but necessary decisions to survive.

Traveling from a village to another; explore the frozen swamps; look for resurrected in the ruins of a farm; develop relationships with the different factions of the territory, and cross the horrors of war.

At the same time, the soldiers will have to human beings and get redemption for their past mistakes. Baryonyx Games plans to release the title on PC (Windows) between the second half of December 2022 and thebeginning of January 2023.

Cinecittà Game Hub: Codemount Studio – Mega Chickens

cinecitta game hub tech princess

Megachickens it’s a game NFT of online trading cards about technology Blockchain, with an ironic, colorful and unique setting. Here the player plays the role of a farmer who must create and use his own bunch of mutant hens to face others online playersin mode multiplayeror to defeat the farms of the campagna single player.

In the game it is possible to collect numerous cards since the first release. Each card represents a hen that the user finds in the form of egg, which must hatch. The flea born from the egg it can already fight, and must then be fed until it reaches its adult form. It will later become MegaChicken grande, grossa e powerful.

Each Megachicken has its own values and yours skills peculiar, which allow each player to create the own battle strategycon synergies e combinations among the cards he has placed in the deck. The game, despite the focus on NFTs, is based on a hybrid model which also allows players far from the “crypto” world of play completely and for freewith a classic system freemium.

Users interested in the blockchain world can instead redeem their own chickens in NFT, to have full possession even outside the game. Each card thus also has a its economic value, as if it were a physical trading card. The user can also sell, to exchange e to rent cards, or use them to participate in exclusive events and tournaments.

The release of new seasons every year, with exclusive content, skins, tournaments, special events and many new thematic cards with new and peculiar abilities and strategies. Codemount Studio plans to publish the title on PC (Mac and Windows) e mobile devices in the 2023.

Ghostshark Games con “TOPO.B

Topo b tech princess

TOPO.B is an action / adventure game with metroidvania mechanics which tells the relationship between a allegedly it’s a sentient program which was unexpectedly generated, along with the game he lives in, in mainframe of a government facility critical to safety. To save your job, your life and your city from catastrophe it is necessary to play e complete the game.

Ghostshark Games plans to publish the title on PC tramite Steam, Nintendo Switch, PlayStation e Xbox in the 2024.

Keiron Interactive con Movin Force

Game Hub tech princess

Movin Force it’s a game Olympic VR in virtual reality set in a world Fantasy Tech. The player will take on the role of a young athlete who embarks on his journey to discover the amazing sports which are practiced in world of Koreinhabited by 4 peoplesnow in harmony after years of conflict, each with the their own typical games taught in their dojos.

Step by step the player will master the otto sport, will challenge the masters and the way will open towards the tournament that consecrates the champions of the continent: the Kore Tournament. By overcoming his opponents from the groups to the final he will get the glory and finally the title of Sample. He will also be able to challenge players from all over the world in the online leaderboards, in the mode arcade. Getting around in VR has never been so fun and engaging.

Keiron Interactive plans to publish the title on Meta Quest 2, PSVR2, Steam e Viveport in the fourth quarter of 2022.

Mad Pumpkins with Movierooms

movierooms tech princess

In Movieroomsthe player will be in charge of the proprio cinema. From 1900 until today, will manage its screening room, will program the films he deems most appropriate, he will pay attention towear of equipment and to maintenance of the roomsat the management of employees or again, a satisfy customer needs.

This management video game stands out from the typical “tycoon” games, offering aauthentic experience through history. The title offers the player the chance to experience the greatest challenges of this gigantic industry as the outbreak of two world warsl’arrival of the TV but also of streaming illegale and so on.

Through the game, you will have the opportunity to discover historical movie characters and events that have shaped the history of cinema.

Mad Pumpkins plans to post the title on PC at the end of 2023.

Cinecittà Game Hub: Mav Reality with Sephirot – the Videogame

Sephirot the tech princess game

Experience an endless role-playing experience in a fantasy world e test your acting skills to change history to your advantage and win.

Sephirot – The Videogame is a mix between a Immersive first person RPGand’dynamic turn-based adventure is one strategic on the dashboard. The videogame is the final stage of SEPHIROT – THE GAME, a method of gamification aimed at interactive live performances.

The settings created can be almost infinite. It starts from fairy tales and fairy tales adapted for the little ones to get to complex tales and with darker and more intriguing facets, allowing you to have one every time wide range of choices. The first set of stories will be based on the Fables by Phaedrus.

Mav Reality plans to publish the title on Meta Quest 2 e PSVR2 a maggio 2023.

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