Nintendo: Saudi Arabia now owns 5% of its shares

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When it comes to acquisitions in the world of video games, things are going big as evidenced by the fact that now Saudi Arabia has bought 5% of the shares of Nintendo

Lately we are facing some significant money rounds in the world of video games with the expansion of Tencent, Sony which is buying Bungie Studios and Microsoft which is doing the same thing with Activision Blizzard. But it seems that Saudi Arabia has dropped its ace of trump by buying 5% of the shares of Nintendo. So let’s go to understand the situation a little better!

Nintendo: Saudi Arabia also comes into play

More precisely, we can say that the PIF (Public Investment Fund) of Saudi Arabia when it came to thepurchase of 5.01% of the shares of Nintendo. Thanks to the move of this fund managed directly by the government, this country has now become the fifth largest shareholder of the Great N.

But apparently it wasn’t the only big investment of this 2022. The PIF has already bought the 5% of South Korean Nexon (famous for the two chapters of Maple Story and for Final Fantasy XIV) and the 5% of Capcom (which certainly needs no introduction) for some future investments.

Nintendo: Saudi Arabia now owns 5% of its shares

The PIF was also present in some important ones business with Activision Blizzard, Electronic Arts, Take – Two Interactive and even bought part of the shares of Newcastle United Football Club and financed some of the future sporting events such as LIV Golf. In short, let’s say that money has been spent!

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