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An interesting novelty is this Denon DHT-S217, dedicated to those who want to improve the audio performance of their television without spending exorbitant amounts but at the same time having the latest technological discoveries available such as the Dolby Atmos and the HDMI eARC. Soundbar is an ever-expanding market for several reasons.

First of all, the sound performance of the latest generation televisions almost always require integration of the audio part in order to enhance the excellent video performance. The task of modern soundbars, however, is not limited only to this, in fact now they are designed to be an excellent all-rounder to make the audio entertainment of all members of the family easy and complete. For this reason today we find more and more soundbars capable of streaming content, with the functionality Bluetooth to allow you to connect the vast majority of devices on the market. The Denon DHT-S217 manages to do all this by proposing itself on the market with an extremely competitive price and with dimensions that do not create any installation problems. Let’s find out more.

Denon DHT-S217: the technical characteristics.

Let’s start with the more than decent size 890 mm (length) x 120 mm (depth) x 66 mm (height) and weight of 3,6 Kg which make the Denon DHT-S217 an ideal candidate for laying on the TV cabinet or anchored to the wall. Six speakers that equip the soundbar they work in configuration 2.1. Specifically we talk about due tweeter (2x 1″/25mm) , due midrange (2x 3,5″ x 1,6″/90 mm x 40 mm) ed infine due subwoofer downfiring (2x 3 ″ / 75mm). As for the supported formats you can play audio streams in PCM, Dolby Digital, Dolby Digital Plus, Dolby TrueHD, and finally could not miss the very popular Dolby Atmos which we have been talking about a lot lately. As already happened with the previous models you will have 4 settable equalization modes: Film, Music, Night and Pure to choose according to your needs. It also completes the equipment in terms of connectivity that includes a connection HDMI (input and output) equipped with an output eARC and compatible with Ultra HD, HDR e Dolby Vision.

Also present the Bluetooth with A2DP, a optical inputand analog input with 3.5mm jack and finally an output to connect a subwoofer esterno (not supplied). We conclude this paragraph by indicating the presence of a remote controller and function Denon Dialog Enhancer which has the task of optimizing the intelligibility of the dialogues.

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Availability, prices and more

If you are looking for a solution compact and economical to improve the sound of your TV and enjoy the various streaming services currently available on the market, this Denon DHT-S217, characterized by a purchase price of 269 Euro and reduced dimensions could be an interesting solution. According to what was declared by the Japanese company, the first units will be available starting from May.

Just a few days ago we told you about the Polk Audio MagniFi Mini AX, another interesting competitor of the Denon DHT-S217 and it is news these days that Sonos is about to launch a very interesting cheap soundbar on the market. After witnessing the vinyl rebirth and the boom oflistening in headphones it is undeniable that that of soundbars and compact speakers in general it is a market that is evolving, offering increasingly innovative and easy-to-use solutions.

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