Ubisoft in crisis? It could be acquired soon

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Economic problems continue for the hugely popular videogame development house, creator of franchises such as Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry. In fact, Ubisoft has been fighting for several years with a series of financial problems, which now seem to put the company in crisis. A recent Bloomberg report reports that Blackstone Inc. and KKR & Co., two of the largest stock companies in the world, are beginning to consider the potential purchase of the French developer.

The Kotaku portal also reports that several senior developers believe a sale is now inevitable given the (steadily declining) share price and other manufacturing-related issues. The report also claims that Ubisoft, in recent years, has turned to various consulting firms, to put the various sectors in order and “make them presentable” in view of an alleged sale.

Ubisoft in crisis, but rumors of an acquisition raise the title

The spread of the news of a potential acquisition, however, benefited the stock on the stock exchange, which recorded a significant increase. Not enough, however, to get out of the negative trend: Ubisoft’s value is still 35% lower than just a year ago.

It is not even the first time that the software house is on the verge of selling. In 2018, the company risked a form of “hostile takeover” by the French media conglomerate Vivendi. A few years later, however, the scandal of harassment in the Singapore offices thought about further slowing down the brand.

We will obviously keep you updated on the subsequent developments of this affair.

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