Descent Mk2S: Garmin’s new watch for the most daring

Descent Mk2S, the new Garmin dive watch designed to assist underwater activities, is the perfect watch for those who want a compact dive computer for longer wrists. Let’s find out together

Just as on land, even under the surface of the water you can set off on exciting adventures to discover the fascinating underwater world. A passion, that for diving, which embraces multiple disciplines, so great that it can be compared to the vastness of seas and oceans.

And it is for those who experience underwater exploration not only as a recreational practice, but as a real lifestyle, that Garmin presenta Descent Mk2S, his computer for diving compact and ideal for wrists of small circumference. Not only underwater but also everyday life thanks to its elegant and refined design and its multiple functions, from sport analysis to fitness monitoring. Versatile and complete, it is proposed as a companion of style and passion in and out of the water.

Descent Mk2S: Garmin's new watch for the most daring

Descent Mk2S: materials and technology to dive into the abyss

The Descent Mk2S steel bezel embraces a 1.2-inch color display, clear and perfectly legible in any light condition, whose protection is guaranteed by a solid sapphire crystal lens. The 43 mm case is conceived in fiber-reinforced polymers, carefully armored with customized screws with visible Garmin logo e enriched by innovative 5.1 mm induction pushbuttons watertight. The latter are made of 316 stainless steel, 240 grit satin finish and coated through the passivation technique, effectively passing the salt spray corrosion tests in compliance with the ASTM B117 standard and guaranteeing constant impermeability over time.

The colors

It is available in three colors: light and refined shades are the characteristics of the Light Gold version with Light Sand silicone strap; the DLC Carbon Gray version with Black silicone strap expresses personality and determination thanks to the Diamond Like Carbon coating; the Mineral Blue model, finally, with Sea Foam silicone strap, represents the true chromatic novelty of the series, offering for the first time a color palette with the typical nuances of the sea. All three models can be customized with interchangeable straps with QuickFit quick release to make your watch perfect for any occasion.

Descent Mk2S: Garmin's new watch for the most daring

Descent Mk2S: six diving modes

Descent Mk2S supports several dive modes. Once in the water, it will automatically start monitoring the data and then stop it once you get back up. It accompanies Single-Gas dives for recreational diving activities and Multi-Gas dives for technical diving activities, including planned decompressions. It also integrates the CCR mode, useful to all those who use a closed circuit rebreather, the gas recirculation breathing system that allows the diver to reuse the exhaled gas. Also available is the Apnea profile which allows you to view recovery times on the surface on the watch display, the number of dives and much more, while ensuring a quick update of the data.

Data and functions to live your passion in safety

Diving with Descent Mk2S allows the diver to receive accurate and timely information on depth, rate of descent and ascent, dive times, nitrogen load on tissues and much more. Great space for data related to decompression with a dedicated graph, stop times and NDL limit well highlighted. It uses the Bühlmann ZHL-16c decompression algorithm considered the ideal choice for diver safety. However, each dive and each user have unique and different characteristics from the others. For this reason, Garmin’s new dive watch allows you to set more prudent safety parameters for ascent and decompression.

Descent Mk2S: A collection of immersions and emotions

Descent Mk2S memory stores and displays data for 200 dives. It’s possible view them directly on the watch or on your smartphone via the free Garmin Dive app. The app provides detailed analysis for each dive activity, including maximum depth, activity time, and a map of surface entry and exit points. Using the Explore option of the application, divers can plan trips and outings to the most popular dive sites, rated and reviewed by other users, as well as receive useful information such as weather conditions and dive logs from that specific location. In the app, you can also keep track of the equipment used for each dive, which is very useful for planning subsequent trips and equipment reviews.

Guaranteed orientation

The advanced positioning system Multi-GNSS (GPS, GLONASS e Galileo) Descent Mk2S high sensitivity automatically stores the points of entry and exit from the water, thanks to the instant recovery of the satellite signal. Furthermore, the integrated 3-axis compass, which can be viewed by scrolling the data screens by pressing the side buttons, allows optimal orientation in any condition.

Descent Mk2S: Garmin's new watch for the most daring

Descent Mk2S: non solo diving

Once the suit is removed, Descent Mk2S becomes one GPS smartwatch ideal for any occasion. Compatible with l’app Garmin Connect Mobile, is able to record and monitor as well 20 outdoor and indoor sports profiles, come corsa, I swim, cycling, functional strength training and more. The integrated heart rate sensor and Pulse Ox, constantly detect data on heart rate and blood oxygenation, also ensuring a measurement of the energy of your body to know when is the best time to train or rest. During the night, it detects the quality of sleep in all its phases, from REM sleep to waking up: the user can then receive information and details about their rest. To all this are added functions aimed at the female world such as monitoring the menstrual cycle and pregnancy.

Software and battery

Paired with a compatible smartphone, receives and displays messages, incoming calls or alerts from social networks. The contactless payment solution Garmin Pay allows you to carry out purchases comfortably and safely, leaving your wallet and credit card at home. There internal memory has space for 2,000 songs, downloadable and listenable via Bluetooth headphones (available separately). Alternatively, you can listen to your favorite playlists through the most popular music streaming services such as Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music. The long battery life allows you to fully enjoy every free moment of the day: up to 7 days in smartwatch mode and up to 30 hours in dive mode.

Prices and conclusions

The new Garmin Descent Mk2S is available in the best dive sports stores at a recommended retail price of € 1,099.99.

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