Devolver Digital: Four new games will be announced at the Summer Game Fest

Devolver Digital has announced to the public that four new games will be unveiled during this summer’s Summer Game Fest

Quattro new games by Devolver Digital will be presented this summer during the Summer Game Fest. The publisher announced it with a tweet over the top, specifying that new details will also be shown regarding the highly anticipated Shadow Warrior 3 and Death’s Door, the interesting title arriving this year on the platforms of the family. Xbox come on PC.

Devolver Digital will be just one of the many developers of the Summer Game Fest

Devolver Digital will participate in the Summer Game Fest together with more than thirty developers. In addition to the presentation of four titles not yet announced, the publisher plans to show new details of some of its most anticipated games. Shadow Warrior 3 is the sequel to the popular first person shooter series, but of it Several trailers are already available which illustrate the game mechanics and the arene. More peculiar, however, is Death’s Door, shown some time ago during the ID @ Xbox along with other projects. The game, developed by the authors of Titan Souls, puts us in the shoes of an adorable crow who is tasked with reaping the souls of the dead and looks decidedly inspired on an artistic levelO.

Phantom Abyssinstead, it is an asynchronous multiplayer title, in which players will have to explore procedurally generated temples to recover its treasures. It will be possible to try it in early access already during this summer, with a date that will probably be announced during the Summer Game Fest.

Devolver Digital is a publisher that over the years has always stood out for the over-the-top nature of its events, and we can’t wait to hear what they have in store for us. If you are interested in buying one of their titles, you might want to take a look at Instant-Gaming, which offers game keys at very affordable prices. To be always informed about the world of technology and video games, however, do not stop following us on the pages of

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