Destination voted the worst company in America

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Meta, formerly known as Facebook, was named the worst company of 2021. A survey of 1,541 people at the beginning of December found that many companies are not appreciated by users. But Meta really seems to be the worst of all. The parent company of the famous social network, in fact, has received 8% negative feedback, which is a good 50% more than the runner-up, the Chinese retailer Alibaba.

Meta: Yahoo Finance survey reveals America’s worst company

The survey, commissioned by Yahoo Finance, saw users indicate several reasons why Meta is really the worst company of 2021. Clearly, many of the reasons are linked to accusations by whistleblower Frances Haugen that Facebook has chosen “the profit on the security “of its users. As well as antitrust concerns. Among other reasons there is certainly the concern about the spread of disinformation on social platforms. Indeed, some have even accused Facebook of “undermining democracy around the world”. Not to mention the effects of Instagram on mental health and targeting children.

In any case, Meta is not the only bad company of 2021. As anticipated, Alibaba ranks second in this ranking, with investors citing a 50% drop in dealer value. Furthermore also AT&T it received quite a bit of criticism for the 24% loss it suffered during the year. Also the manufacturer of electric trucks Nikola was sued for various problems, including the accusation of a user who admitted being defrauded. In the end, Citadel Securities and the stock exchange company Robinhood received a mention in the survey, especially in relation to the GameStop Reddit affair. On the other hand, Yahoo Finance acknowledged Microsoft as Company of the Year for 2021 for reaching a market capitalization milestone of $ 2 trillion.

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