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Destiny 2: Lightfall review: The light doesn’t shine

One you have to higher achievements achieved by Bungie is to have rest Destiny 2 a lively and interesting game over the years. 6 have passed since the beginning of this interplanetary adventure and the amount of content, updates and news shows no signs of stopping. Lightfallor the Eclipse in Italian, is the last of the expansions of Destiny 2 but, alas, fails to maintain the high standard achieved previously, let’s find out what went wrong in this review.

Our Destiny 2 Lightfall review

Lightfall will take us for the first time on planet Neptune which will be the scene of the epic clash between the Traveler and the Witness. The latter is in fact allied with i Cabal who, driven by their ruler, want to support him to obtain treasures and power beyond imagination. To do that, part of their job is to get their hands on the Veloa mysterious artifact which, if in the wrong hands, could lead to the end of the Light.

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To prevent this from happening, the Guardians are sent to the far from quiet surface of Neptune. Here we find indeed Neomunaa futuristic city whose inhabitants live side by side within a gigantic virtual world. In Neomuna we will meet two Cavalcanuvole, of the guardians of the city placed in defense of the quiet life. The arrival of the Cabal has in fact sown panic and the virtual network of the inhabitants of no one is put at risk and where there are problems with technologies, the Vex also arrive, attracted by the disorder and the potential of the Neomuna network.

In thwarting the plans of the enemy and trying to get ahead of him, we will come into contact with the Darkweave, a mysterious energy coming from the Darkness that will provide us with new abilities. But his power is still mysterious and potentially dangerous. Together with old friends, such as Osiris and Neptune’s new allies, a new adventure begins in defense of the Traveller.

The power of the Darkweave and other news


Undoubtedly the most intriguing novelty is the power of Darkweave which will unlock a new subclass for our guardians. The Telascura intertwines and it should be said, with the Darkness wielded in the last expansion but differs in a skill set of its own. The most intriguing is undoubtedly a sort of grappling hook which in space plots will allow us to move with great speed, clinging to buildings or enemies. With the Darkweave a new way of playing based on greater verticality and in general, greater dynamism is unlockedma without disrupting the gameplay.

With Lightfall they also come news that renew the game and some elements of the menu and matchmaking. In particular, i have finally been introduced pre-set with which to create a series of builds and switch between them during the game with great rapidity.

With Season 20, also comes the Guardian Gradeor, a series of objectives designed mostly for new players to guide them in this adventure. As you rank up, the challenges to improve will become more and more difficult, which will be especially appreciated by longtime players. Last but not least, it was completely revisited the modification of weapons and armornow more intuitive and versatile and of effective utility that improves the game in its entirety.

The untapped potential of Neptune

Destiny 2 Lightfall recensione

The sore points of Destiny 2 Lightfall that have given the title to this review are many and all unexpected. After an expansion that was nothing short of excellent like The Queen of Whispers, seeing Destiny 2 “enriched” in this way left a bad taste in our mouths. All the elements that made the last and most previous expansions great are gone.

Starting with plotreally too flat and hasty for such a compelling Light / Dark battle. Both the new characters and those with long acquaintances seemed dull or with few things to tell like a episodio filler of any TV series. Similarly, the world of Neptune and its city, which had incredible Cyberpunk-style potential, is reduced to a handful of lackluster scenarios, both urban and natural.

Combined, these shortcomings didn’t leave us fully appreciating Destiny 2’s potential as the franchise has been accustomed to since day one, which is a real shame.

Destiny 2 Lightfall review in a nutshell

Destiny 2 Lightfall certainly isn’t the brightest expansion and while the gameplay was enlivened by the new subclass, it failed to fully convince us. Thanks to a fairly flat and hasty plot and secondary missions that follow the same trail, it will certainly remain one of the less memorable expansions of Destiny 2.

Could subsequent seasons spice things up? We sincerely hope so.

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