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Telegram updates: energy saving, playback speed and other news

Telegram throw a new update which improves the performance of your smartphone. First, you get a new power saving mode, optimizing Telegram for Android devices, adding more playback speed options, and much more.

New Telegram update, the energy saving mode

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The new Telegram update has brought about a new energy saving mode which allows you to disable animations and Telegram effects that consume energy. In this way it is possible to improve the performance of your smartphone when it is discharged.

Energy saving mode can be set to activate automatically when the battery reaches a certain percentage, with individual options which allow you to disable specific effects. iOS users can also use power saving settings to limit background updates.

New Telegram update, playback speed even more flexible

On the messaging app it has always been possible to adjust video playback, voice messages and video messages. Thanks to this new update, the playback speed is even more flexible. That will be enough press and hold the 2X button to choose the speed between 0.2X and 2.5X.

Reading hours in small groups

To facilitate collaboration in small teams, read receipts in groups with less than 100 members now show the time messages were read.

Automatic sending of invitation links

Telegram users can control who can add them to groups. If you’re inviting someone who restricts this ability, you’ll now be able to quickly send them an invite link as message.

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Dynamic order of stickers

I recently used sticker set they move to the top of the panel for easier access. If you want the sets to stay in place, you can tap the setting icon in the sticker panel and turn off Dynamic ordering of sets.

Improved folder support on iOS

iOS users can mark all chats in a folder as read with a single tap. When forwarding messages, folders can be used to quickly find the right chat. These improvements will also come to Android devices in one of the next updates.

New animated emojis

Well yes, they will also be present new animated emojis of all kinds. And not only that: there are also those interactive.

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