Destiny 2 Showcase: August event date announced

Bungie Studios took advantage of a few lines, published via the official Destiny 2 Twitter account, to announce the date chosen for the Showcase dedicated to the game

Within the post published on the Twitter social network, the team behind the shooter would have announced the now upcoming arrival of news regarding its own Destiny 2, all intended to see the light in a special Showcase whose date has been announced. The details, according to the image shown accompanying the short lines that appeared on the platforms, would seem to concern The Witch Queen, expansion from the expected arrival in the course of 2022.

Destiny 2 Showcase: here is the date of the next event

The image published along with the announcement regarding the chosen date to show more details on the expansion of the shooter Destiny 2, destined to arrive through a special Showcase, was accompanied by slogan “Survive the Truth”. The latter could suggest the arrival of gameplay videos focused on game sections of the additional content, probably designed to provide clarification on Savathun’s plans for the Guardians.

According to the Twitter post signed by Bungie Studios, all the news will be shown – and the hypotheses confirmed or denied – soon, thanks to a showcase set for the 24 august. Within the latter, the team behind the shooter could also dedicate a few moments of the show to the contents of the next season, especially given the closure of the current Season of the Splicer scheduled for the same day of the conference.

Another valid hypothesis would also concern a new announcement regarding the multi-platform game, currently still largely hidden by thick veils of mystery. Waiting for further news – and for the showcase at the end of August – it is possible to play Destiny 2 sia su PC sia su Google Stadia, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One e Xbox Series X/S.

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