Destiny 2: The Final Shape has been postponed to June, Bungie talks about the postponement

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Bungie’s time leap forgot the rubber band: The Final Shape DLC for Destiny 2 postponed, and Bungie dissects the postponement

Echoing the rumors on the matter, Bungie confirmed the I postpone Of Destiny 2: The Final Shape and the DLC is now postponed to June 4, 2024. The expansion was initially scheduled for February 27, but apparently pre-orders were below expectations. The internal feedback, then, was “good, but not great.” In the official statement on the matter, the development team “needs more time” for the expansion to be “the way we want,” that is, “the culmination of the first ten years of storytelling.” Of course it also opens today Season of the Wish, with preparatory content for The Final Shape to follow. To April We should have more details on the “significant content additions” for the game.

Destiny 2’s “Postponed Spring”: Bungie has postponed The Final Shape, but…

As you can see in the regret-filled tweet above, the postponement will serve to ensure “an even more ambitious and audacious vision.” The update will arrive on Xbox Series In the expansion, the Guardians will encounter a realm of memories distorted by darkness. Players can look forward to it an initially linear campaign, while the game world will gradually open up with a new raid available later. It is not the first postponement linked to the development team: now that Sony has made it its consultant for multiplayer experiences, one of the most immediate effects has been the prolonged gestation of The Last of Us multiplayer.

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