Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers review

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The Queen of Whispers is the latest expansion of Destiny 2 and in this review we will analyze it, seeing how it behaved on PC

The announcement of a new DLC covering the flagship game of Bungie had arrived in December, during the Game Awards. However, between the announcement and the release, the waters in the society were not exactly calm. In fact, at the end of January the news arrived Sony’s purchase of Bungie. For more details, please read our article. Let’s start this review now and find out how it performed Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers in our hands.

Lots of news for the “usual” Destiny 2

The new expansion is the opening for what is the saga Light and Darkness and kicks off the Season of the Reborn. This new chapter not only opens the new cycle, but also brings with it countless innovations that we will see in this small recap intro. First of all it is certainly the new foray the Disciple’s Promise. The latter opens the doors of the Pyramid located in Throne of Savathûn and, even if it is not the first time we enter a Pyramid, this time the arena is much larger and more articulated.

The other novelty is precisely the Tronomondo, which we will discuss in detail later. This is a place of corruption and splendor where Savathûn resides and in which the mysteries of both Light and Shadows are hidden. To prevent our forays into this place will take care of it Shining brood. These are the elite of the soldiers of the Hive, to whom the Queen of Whispers he bestowed the power of the Light. This then introduces new and very powerful warriors capable of returning to life.

Among the new activities we find the Source, a new six-player adventure for the conquest of the Three World and the production of weapons at the Forge. Precisely in this place it will be possible forging a new type of weapon, the Falcione. However, we will also deal with this later in this review of Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers.

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers review

Il Tronomondo – Destiny 2 Review: The Queen of Whispers

The biggest news is certainly the new game area. Artistically speaking, this area is something truly sublime for the eyes and fully represents the idea of ​​a kingdom which bases its ideas on deception. In this place the sumptuousness and floral freshness of the Savathûn mansion blends with the total degradation of the rotting swamp that surrounds it.

Here the typical standard buildings of the Hive are taken up in the architectural models, but completely changed from the chromatic point of view. This allows you to create a truly unique environment, capable of making anyone who observes it fall in love with. However, the chromatic diversity, as well as a mere detachment from what the Hive was before, can be understood as an approach to the Light that so much characterizes the Shining Brood.

The map also turns out to be much larger than originally expected. In addition, the various places present they certainly do not stand out for the elements that characterize them, rather. In fact, very often we will find ourselves wandering seeing some identical views of the landscape, albeit with some slight differences. Despite so much simplicity, however, the area however remains well etched in the mindallowing you to move faster without having to consult the map every time.

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers review

The Forge – Destiny 2: The Whispering Queen Review

Another very important place introduced with this expansion is the Forgia. Here, in fact, after completing the specific mission of the main quest, it will be possible produce weapons. The first will be Enigma, a weapon belonging to the Falcioni group. The latter are very similar to elongated sickles, as their name suggests. However, instead of being used as close combat weapons, they are cataloged among those at a distance.

Well yes, through these Falcioni we will be able to channeling and releasing bullets of energy that will come upon our enemies. However, this particular weapon won’t just stick to attacking. It will in fact also be possible defend themselves thanks to a force field that will act as a shield. A good weapon for both defense and attack, which will be able to overturn the outcome of countless battles.

However, their particularities certainly don’t stop there. It will be possible install changes which will bring some small buffs depending on our choices. This will also affect our style of play. But what if we are not happy with the setup we have chosen? You don’t have to worry about this. It will indeed be possible reforging the weapononce you have increased the level of the same, by changing the parameters that have made you turn up your nose.

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers review

Campaign and New Abilities – Destiny 2: The Whispering Queen Review

If in the past the campaign could have been a sore point due to missions that were not too complex and that were completed without too much enthusiasm, The Queen of Whispers marks a turning point in this sense. Not only each mission becomes more substantialthus giving hours of play to all users, but inside there is one quite important diversification. Breaking runes to access zones or weaken bosses, activate invisible dais and hidden passages are all elements that modify the purely shooter style.

This mixture of elements manages to give more frenetic phases, thanks to the always chaotic clashes, alternating with calmer moments where sharpening your wits will help you continue. To make matters worse, the developers introduced the Legend difficulty. Any mission started with this difficulty will be limited to a maximum level of power. This obviously makes the fight much more difficult from one point of view, but it balances it on the other, especially if the minimum allowed level has been exceeded by a lot.

To vary our experience even more and to detach it significantly from the past then we think about it new abilities of the Void 3.0. The changes are just a small and initial part of what will be a more complete overhaul that it will also include Supers and Solar and Bow skills. With these changes we can finally start talking about builds. A first change that immediately catches the eye is access to all types of grenades.

Fragments e Nature they are also a fundamental point of these new builds. The former are characteristics that are the same for all. However, combining them in different ways helps to amplify the Natureswhich instead are unique characteristics based on the class selected during character creation.

Destiny 2: The Queen of Whispers review


We have reached the end of this review of the new expansion The Queen of Whisperers of Destiny 2 and therefore it is time to take some conclusions. This DLC looks like one of the most full-bodied and it probably is too the best made to date. There have been many introductions and there is a sense of detachment from what was the modus operandi of Destiny until some time ago.

A rejuvenation that, while maintaining the main asset of the game, significantly changes its aspects, finally making Destiny 2 a game that can also be used by those who are not passionate about the saga. The Queen of Whispers therefore scores a welcome turning point that has managed to keep us glued to the screen like never before. The introduced varieties lean very well on important basis of the technical sectormaking this DLC a real gem from every point of view.

For this Destiny 2: Queen of Whispers review, that’s all. We remind you that the expansion is on sale at recommended price of 40 €. However, you can find it at a slight discount on the Instant Gaming pages. In order not to miss future reviews and news from the videogame universe, keep following the pages of!

A great leap forward

Points in favor

  • Spectacular location
  • Engaging campaign
  • New abilities Void 3.0

Points against

  • Past problems for old DLC activities
  • Confusing for new players