PlayStation 5: new system update

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The release of a new system update for PlayStation 5 has been announced in the past few hours. Let’s find out all the details in this news

It seems that, in the past few hours, Sony has announced the release of the system update 21.02-04.51.00 for the PlayStation 5 console. As users know, the Japanese software house constantly releases this type of updates, mostly aimed at fix small bugs and improve system stability, as in the case of last June’s update, which solved an annoying DualSense bug. Therefore it is generally recommended to download them in order to enjoy the best possible experience.

New update for PlayStation 5

According to Sony, this new update for PlayStation 5, like others previously, should contain only a series of improvements aimed at improving system performance. Therefore, in the face of these statements, it seems that this update will not contain major news worthy of note, and may be, as usual, regularly installed by all users. There does not seem to be any big news even on the front of the voice command functionality, currently in beta testing for US and UK users.

PlayStation 5: new system update

As many seasoned players know well, it is always possible that this kind of updates also include undeclared changes to the firmware, to prepare the console for the arrival of new features, however no statement on this has been released by the software house for now. In the current state of things, therefore, those who hoped for the arrival of new options or substantial innovations will have to wait a little longer, waiting for any new official communications.

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