Destiny 2 will be offline until Thursday, January 26

Destiny 2 resterà offline fino a giovedì 26 gennaio thumbnail

Destiny 2 servers maintenance continues, with the game as it currently is offline. The title was originally supposed to be back online today, between 11:00 and 12:00, but apparently the work of the Bungie developers is still ongoing.

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Through an announcement published today, Bungie did he know that the game will be restored starting at 11:00 GMT (12:00 Italian) tomorrow, Thursday 26 January 2023. Recall that Destiny 2, being an online multiplayer shooter, is totally unplayable if the servers are down.

Update Wednesday January 25 at 5:22 PM: Destiny 2 servers are back online.

Bungie has confirmed that the release of hotfix The game’s servers are now back online early.

Why did Destiny 2 go offline?

As of yesterday (January 24th) the Bungie team has shut down the servers to resolve an issue with player progress. In fact, several users had complained about the loss of achievements, seals, catalysts and other game progress. The problem has gradually become more and more extensive, forcing Bungie to have to permanently fix the bug. To do this, the development team had to take the game offline.

On the game’s subreddit several users have expressed concerns about how downtime will affect their ability to complete the various timed events limited set by the game. Several players have asked Bungie for the possibility of recovering the two lost days, perhaps through a rollback of progress and timed events. Currently Bungie has not officially responded to these requests.

Meanwhile, in addition to server problems, Destiny 2 is preparing for the release of Lightfall, the game’s seventh DLC out February 28th.