Gambling in films and perception in viewers

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Many films tend to accentuate and embellish, but it is essential to approach the universe of the game in a rational and responsible way; so a little glamor is welcome, but with criteria

The world linked to casinos and betting has often been the subject of representation within cinematic reality, even in extraordinary films that have achieved widespread and well-deserved international success. However, filmic suggestions can generate in the public opinions on casinos that are not always correct or complete.

Luxury, power and robberies

If we want to make a brief excursus on the presence of casinos in the cinema, it is possible to list a large number of films that have wanted to place gaming rooms at the center of the scene, in a fundamental or at least a leading role in the economy of the story. Examples in this sense can be found in recent but also older works, and even true masters of the Seventh Art have let themselves be enticed by the charm of casinos and their visual and narrative magnetism. For example, it is impossible not to think of the wonderful Casino by Martin Scorsese (1995), a film about crime and crime where the protagonists of the story manage luxurious gaming halls in Las Vegas, enriching themselves enormously. The mind then immediately goes to The Sting (1973), to Casino Royale (2006), an episode of the James Bond saga, or to the intricate robbery concocted against a casino in Ocean’s Eleven (2001).

Outside the real confines of the halls, but adhering to the universe of gaming and betting, one cannot forget even the beautiful Regalo di Natale (1986), by our Pupi Avati, in which the primary context is a dramatic game of poker all night long. Can watching the game in movies influence popular opinion and thinking on the subject? Probably yes, but not necessarily in the right way.

Filmic reality and concrete dynamics

The casinos depicted in the cinema are often places of magical perdition, where among glitter and sequins, charm and colours, blinding lights and attractive women, the disbursement of money leads in many cases to sensational exploits in terms of profit. On a tangible level, however, the situation is naturally much more composite. By studying detailed overviews and reviews of the main gaming platforms in Italy, such as the Snai casino review page, it is possible to notice a large sample of reasons for attraction, relating to attractive welcome bonuses, a large catalog of titles, modern technologies and a smooth experience of navigation. In this case we’re talking about online casinos, a conception that on the one hand tries to recreate the dynamics of land-based rooms, while on the other it can’t help but showcase different and specific features.

What is important to underline is how the glittering world sometimes depicted in the films fades into a decidedly more stratified reality, where in fact there are earning opportunities, but where at the same time it is essential not to lose the concept of the casino, traditional or online, as a source playful, in the name of amusement and entertainment, net of any excess or unbridled desire for affirmation. Many films tend to accentuate and embellish, but it is essential to approach the universe of the game in a rational and responsible way; so a little glamor is welcome, but with criteria.

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