Devil: ecco la smart radio RADIO3SIXTY

Devil: ecco la smart radio RADIO3SIXTY

With the exponential growth of podcasts and streaming platforms and the advent of DAB +, Teufel presents the RADIO3SIXTY smart radio

With the exponential growth of podcasts and streaming platforms and the advent of DAB +, the need for products capable of delivering the radio experience towards new methods of use and quality standards. With RADIO 3SIXTY, Teufel, a Berlin-based high-end company that has recently also landed in Italy with the launch of the dedicated web store, offers a versatile and innovative device, which combines the design of classic radios with the most advanced technology.

New generation radio and maximum connectivity

At the heart of the RADIO 3SIXTY experience is the ability to reproduce at its best music and podcasts from the most disparate sources. Starting with access to more than 1000 radio stations with DAB +, Internet Radio and FM, which allows you to expand your listening choice to the best of global radio broadcasting. On the front of digital platforms, RADIO 3SIXTY allows you to listen to your favorite music and podcasts comfortably through Amazon Music e Spotify, with the ability to store up to 60 favorite streaming channels.

Devil: ecco la smart radio RADIO3SIXTY

The connectivity side is completed by the equipment of Bluetooth, AUX analog stereo input and USB-playback (also with recharge function), for the ability to play music from practically any source.

360 degree audio quality

As per tradition, Teufel has paid great attention to the choice of components to ensure excellent sound performance. The device is equipped with two speakers with 360-degree cones and proprietary Dynamore technology, capable of directing rich and powerful sound in any direction. Clean bass reproduction is ensured by a sub-woofer down-fire da 90mm with wide channel bass reflex. The overall power reaches 30 watts RMS, able to satisfactorily fill the different rooms of the house.

Design minimal vintage

The lines of RADIO 3SIXTY trace a continuity between past and future: they refer to the aesthetics of vintage radios but add modern North European essentiality in pure Teufel style. The company has paid great attention to detail, starting with the choice of soft lines and materials able to ensure an excellent touch and feel, up to the provision of a large color display with adjustable brightness that guarantees a clear and relaxing display of information in any environment and light condition.

Devil: ecco la smart radio RADIO3SIXTY

Management via app, buttons and remote control

The controls of the device are dedicated to maximum versatility. They range from the convenient remote control to the dedicated app Teufel Remote App (iOS and Android), up to the buttons and knobs characteristic of each radio placed on the front of the device.

Colors, price and availability

RADIO 3SIXTY by Teufel is available in two colors in White or black on the Teufel web shop, at the price of 299,99 euro.

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