Devil May Cry: Netflix announces the new anime with a teaser

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The list of Netflix anime series is about to grow thanks to a new product, Devil May Cry. Let’s discover the teaser trailer

Anime lovers, Netflix keep thinking of you! Another show is in fact about to land on the streaming platform. By now it is clear that we are talking about Devil May Cry. The new anime was presented during the virtual event Drop 01from Netflix, the perfect opportunity for Capcom, Studio MIR and the showrunner Adi Shankar to reveal some details about the new project. Here’s what we know.

Devil May Cry: Netflix announces the new anime with a teaser

Plot | Devil May Cry: Netflix announces the new anime with a teaser

But what do we know about this new anime series? We can tell you that Devil May Cry is an adaptation created by Hideki Kamiya and developed and published primarily by Capcom. The protagonist of the events will be Dantea demon hunter and excellent fighter, who will have to deal with sinister forces that are trying in every way to open a portal between the human and demonic realms.

Adi Shankar commented on the announcement of the release of Devil May Cry:

I am honored that Netflix and Capcom have entrusted me with the leadership of the Devil May Cry franchise. Alex Larsen and I love these characters, we’re part of the fandom, and we promise to exceed the exceptionally high bar we set for ourselves.

We start with a first season

He will be in charge of the new anime Shin Itagaki who had managed to secure the rights already in 2018. The animator has already anticipated that this new series will have a very different continuity compared to his previous works. For now we only know what Devil May Cry will have 8 episodesbut there would be the conditions for a “arco multistagionale” connected, in the footsteps of Castlevania. We just have to wait for the arrival of this new anime, probably due out in 2024, to find out what it has in store for us. However, we can tell you that the main titles of the franchise have sold 29 million copies all over the world, achieving the title of platinum from Capcom. Have we intrigued you? If yes, continue to follow to stay updated on any new details.

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