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devolo: how to have strong and secure Wi-Fi

Having strong and secure Wi-Fi should be the norm in every home, which is why devolo offers us some tips in this regard

The internet connection has long been a necessity, and very often it is taken for granted that it is always available. To date almost all technological devices require Wi-Fi connections and have combined apps to have complete management of the various functions. With the growing number of connected devices, it is essential to have strong and secure Wi-Fi and for this devoloa German specialist in networking and powerline communication, provides some tips for optimizing your home internet connection and making it safer.

Here are devolo’s tips for strong and secure Wi-Fi

One of the most effective tips is also one of the simplest: install the latest security updates. The hardware used in the house should always be updated to the latest software version, this way it is possible fix small bugs o add new features.

Your home Wi-Fi password should be as secure as possible. This is why it is recommended change the default access keys that many routers and other network devices ship with and choose a particularly complex new password with a length of 20 characters.

devolo: how to have strong and secure Wi-Fi

State-of-the-art routers are true all-rounders. If desired, for example, they can work as media servers, also available when on the go. Features that, if left unused in their factory default settings, allow possible attacks from outside. A suggestion to overcome this type of problem is to check which functions are needed in everyday lifeand turn off the rest.

Encryption Methods”WEP” e “WPA” are now considered obsolete, the recommended hardware must support them current encryption standards WPA2 and WPA3. Thus the home network is protected by strong encryption, the connection to compatible end devices is facilitated and the attacks from outside are made more difficult.

For the protection of sensitive data it is possible use a guest login function, with selected permissions. This way invited guests will never have access to certain data or devices. Turn off Wi-Fi completely at nightmoreover, it allows to obtain a positive effect on the reduction of energy consumption and reduce to zero the possible “attacks” from external sources.

These were devolo’s tips for more secure living with your Wi-Fi network. What do you think about it? Let us know yours in the comments. In order not to miss further news regarding the hardware universe, continue to follow the pages of everything!

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