Discovering the new XGMI projectors: a model for every need

Alla scoperta dei nuovi proiettori XGIMI: un modello per ogni esigenza thumbnail

Whether for work or entertainment, video conferencing or home cinema, projectors THE LIGHT offer a wide and versatile range of solutions. XGIMI products are in fact appreciated for their quality in every segment, from fixed domestic solutions to ultra-short-throw portable devices (which can therefore be positioned a few centimeters from the wall.

After all, the projector market has become increasingly large in recent years, given the use of the same in the most varied circumstances. So let’s go and see what XGIMI offers us.

XGIMI projectors for all occasions

In the portfolio of domestic products we find XGIMI AURA. The device is a fixed ultra-short throw projector, it produces images up to 120” even if positioned a few centimeters from the screen. AURA has a modern look, offers 4K definition, supports HDR technology and has a brightness of 2400 ANSI lumens, as well as being based on AndroidTV and having a harman/kardon sound system.

If the requirement is the maximum portability the options are varied, for example Halo+ ed Elfin. The first is a projector to take anywhere, thanks to its ultra-compact design, integrated battery and refined look, which also makes it a candidate for business presentations. Its portable nature makes the many automatic features such as screen alignment and keystone correction all the more welcome, all supported by Full HD resolution, 900 ANSI lumens of brightness, AndroidTV, HDR10 and harman/kardon audio.

Elfin instead it is an ultra-portable projector with an attractive design. The device is slim, with a square shape that makes it easy to carry in any bag, suitcase or even just a notebook case. The technical characteristics are first in class: here too Full HD quality, AndroidTV, automatic corrections, 800 ANSI lumens of brightness and HDR10 for vivid and engaging images are guaranteed.

For those looking for a projector to integrate into a smart meeting room: THE LIGHT HORIZON Pro could be the ideal solutione. While not belonging to the ultraportable family, HORIZON Pro is a lightweight model, easily transportable from room to room, or from office to home. The projector promises 4K resolution with HDR10 technology, the ability to create images up to 200 inches diagonal, 2,200 ANSI lumens of brightness, intelligent correction functionality, AndroidTV and full support for Dolby and DTS-HD audio encodings via a system sound signed harman/hardon.

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