devolo presenta i nuovi Repeater 3000 e 5400

devolo presents the new Repeaters 3000 and 5400

Devolo presents Repeater 3000 and 5400: devolo presents the new WiFi 6 Mesh repeaters for stable high-speed connections, WiFi for multi-device smart homes

They come in Italia the new ones WiFi 6 Repeater 3000 e WiFi 6 Repeater 5400 by devolo. Designed to expand home WiFi with even faster and more powerful performance, the new devolo repeaters combine smart mesh functions with WiFi 6. Easy to install, they integrate perfectly into any home environment.

Have a WiFi with very high presentations for the efficient management of the smart working or for home entertainmentgive it streaming al gamingis now a real must. The growing connection times and the plurality of digital devices, often used at the same time, require ever higher performances able to fill the WIFI gaps, first of all the signal instability.

Fast WiFi

Fast WiFi is a must for optimal browsing experiences. However, often the router is far from the end devices that require a continuous flow of data and the result is a weak and intermittent connection. The new devolo WiFi 6 repeaters are a practical solution for guaranteeing signal speed and speed.

devolo presents the new Repeaters 3000 and 5400

devolo: WiFi 6 in the premium class

The support of WiFi 6 ensures high WiFi data transmission speed, up to 3000 Mbps o 5400 Mbps. In addition to increased speed, the new WiFi standard offers many innovations for both new WiFi 6 devices and older versions of smartphones, tablets and laptops.

Among these, theOFDMA (Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiple Access), state-of-the-art modulation technology that uses WiFi frequencies more efficiently. A feature that makes it possible to increase the bandwidth per data stream and maximize the number of end devices powered at high speed. With the Target Wake Time (TWT) optimized, WiFi 6 is even more efficient in controlling wireless communication and, if devices do not need a constant connection, it automatically accompanies them to standby for longer battery life.

To minimize interference, especially in very dense WiFi signal environments with an increasing number of access points such as city centers and multiple dwelling units, the new devolo repeaters also support the BSS (Basic Service Set Colouring). A mode that allows compatible devices to differentiate signals from their own network from signals from others.

As a result, multiple WiFi 6 access points can use the same connection frequency band simultaneously, increasing performance and overall stability.

devolo presents the new Repeaters 3000 and 5400

Smart mesh WiFi

In addition to the benefits of WiFi 6, the new repeaters bring the functions with them smart mesh by devolo. Mesh WiFi is a wireless network made up of multiple access points that work together to create a combined home network. In this way, the new devolo repeaters adopt the access data of the router at the push of a button (WPS function). The advantage: You don’t have to save a new WiFi password on your end devices as all hotspot use the same credentials.

Important components of mesh WiFi are the access point steering e il client steering. These features ensure that mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, are automatically connected to the strongest hotspot. Especially important if several devolo repeaters are installed in a wireless home network. Thanks to Bidirectional MU-MIMO (Multi-User – Multiple-Input Multiple-Output), it is also possible to simultaneously send and receive several data packets from multiple WiFi clients. This is a definite plus for households with many devices connected simultaneously.

devolo: easy to set up, plug it in, press the button and go!

The new repeaters are compatible with all routers and connected devices. In few minutes are ready to go, just connect them to the network and press the button start.

L’App free devolo Home Network (iOS, Android) allows you to easily start the installation wizard. Once set up, the app also provides numerous configuration options, such as WiFi for guests and time control settings.

For a WiFi repeater to work optimally, its location is of paramount importance. The new devolo WiFi 6 repeaters are equipped with a four-level signal indicator, which is ideal for finding the right location. Even newbies to technology can expand a wireless home network in no time!

devolo presents the new Repeaters 3000 and 5400

Availability and guarantee

The new repeaters are available on the official website, soon also on others Italian online shops. Il WiFi 6 Repeater 3000 will be on sale at the recommended price of 99,90 eurowhile the WiFi 6 Repeater 5400 a 149,90 euro. devolo provides a guarantee of three years on all products.

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