OSINT: what it is and what are its tools

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OSINT, which stands for Open Source Intelligence, is the collection, evaluation and analysis of public information. Find out how to use its tools

OSINT is an acronym that stands for the information gatheringwhich usually derive from public sources.

There is such a wealth of publicly accessible and accessible data that any malicious user, such as a cybercriminal, could attack a company and create major damage such as data compromise.

OSINT tools: which are the most famous

Osint has instruments, or tools, that can be used within the research. It all depends on the type of information you are looking for. This ACS Data Systems article highlights the best OSINT Tools.

OSINT Framework

It is perhaps the most famous tool. OSINT Framework is much more than a website. It has a tools directory instead of just one. And it is precisely this that makes it ideal if you are looking for information on a subject or place.


SpiderFoot is an OSINT software that collects and links public information. Portscan any target that can be reached via IP by querying open sources, such as Social, spider links using Google and DNS queries, geolocation, etc.


Shodan is a full-fledged search engine, but unlike other engines, indexes the banners extracted from each IP address.

This means that, when you connect to an IP, the device assigns a banner that identifies itself and a series of its own parameters. This information is useful for researching vulnerable or inadequately protected devices.


Metasploit is a cyber security project which gives information about the vulnerability, helps in the development of systems that detect intrusions and simplifies all the actions of penetration testing.

Recon of

Recon-ng is a software composed of independent modules, integrated plugins and interactive helpers. It is useful for reconnaissancethat is to say the phase connected with the Footprinting, from which the information relating to the vulnerability is extrapolated.


Aircrack-ng is a suite of programs that detects WPA and WEP keys of wireless connections.

Some components of the suite are particularly useful:

  • Girodump-ng: capture 802.11 frame and collect WEP index vectors;
  • Airplay of: frame injection tool to generate wireless network traffic;
  • Airmon-ng: tool that is used to put the network adapter in monitor mode, if the driver allows it;
  • Aircrack-ng: is a crack for WEP keys.


This tool is useful for the gathering information through consultation of public data. This data is then grouped into a graph.