Diablo 4: best classes guide

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The class is not water, it is sulphurous fire: let’s find out which are the best of the five main classes available in Diablo 4

Until the game-as-a-service structure comes to havoc, Diablo 4 is true to itself: we need to dig on the fly between the classes available and track down the best among them. If you want a tier list, though… it’s complicated. We have explored more generous selections, but even starting from five it is not certain that there is one objectively head and shoulders above the others. On the other hand, subjectively speaking, the discourse changes a lot. There are pros and cons based on the situation; knowing a little more will help you figure out how many hours to spend grinding with just one, rather than going through them all.

Criteria | Diablo 4 best classes

On day one, the classes available in Diablo 4 will be cinque. Each has its own identity with an attached style of play, and already from the first basic information it is possible to understand which one to choose to complete the game. In general, each class is fun to use and allows you to complete, good or bad, all the quests in the title. Of course there are differences: why would you be here, otherwise? We will start from the best to the worst according to the following criteria: the time required to dispense as much damage per second as possible, the variety in theskill treel’intuitiveness of each class and its own useful in teamwork.

Diablo 4: best classes guide

The word with the N-manta | Diablo 4 best classes

There are so many reasons to give the gold medal to Necromancer. Usually among the fans of the saga it is a very popular class, and it is also of help to the new generation. Being able to summon Rabbid Koopasapiens-style minions makes this class, by default, the safest class to play. Minions operate exactly as if they were other players, giving the Necromancer material time to think about strategy even in the middle of the action. And with the skills at their disposal, veterans can leverage their tactical potential. Plus, you can turn hulks around the map into bombs, heal yourself and others, weaken enemies, and… well, fight with a scythe, what else?

Diablo 4: best classes guide

Disenchantment | Diablo 4 best classes

L’Enchanter that entertained us during the beta (remember that there is our preview, before the review!) is itself a very solid choice. As per tradition, magic is to fantasy what guns are to the western genre: there is enough fire power (or ice, or lightning) to make even the most difficult enemy your guinea pig. Leveling up makes everything more obvious, as you will understand by electrocuting the various skeletons. The possibility of keeping enemies at bay at long distances (playing as a “zoner”, in the jargon of fighting games) is dampened only by the need to monitor the magic points. The Enchanter knows how to get by (poor defenses aside), but not to save other players from potential obstacles. It takes time, patience and practice to get satisfaction from him.

Diablo 4: best classes guide

“Take her jugular! The jugular!” | Diablo 4 best classes

No, this time Mufasa’s son has nothing to do with it. Bronze is all about the Cutthroat, despite being the class with the strongest offensive power (sorry, Barbarian). This is a difficult playstyle to pick up on, however tempting the critical hits it is capable of inflicting. Whether your build uses short-range or long-range weapons (specializing in only one of the two), attack buffs can similarly range from area of ​​effect to continuous damage. This contributes to a versatile team game, but spectacular as it is, it is definitely not suitable for newbies. Like the Enchanter, he doesn’t shine as a defense, with the added penalty of not being able to keep the hordes at bay. Due to the way its skill tree is structured, this class is best suited for experienced players.

Diablo 4: best classes guide

Panoramix je spcia casa | The best Diablo 4 classes

On the one hand, it can be said that the Druid has a skill tree that rewards versatility. Do you want to play with the elements and summon hurricanes, or do you prefer to transform into werewolves to slaughter demons? Druid skills are flexible and allow for multiple playstyles. Too bad that few of the latter hold a candle to other classes. When it comes to magic, there’s no competition with the Enchanter. And the same is true in close combat, if the comparison is with the Cutthroat. Furthermore, the spirit points used by the class do not regenerate automatically and the tools with which to circumvent this limit, whether they are equipment or gems, are also limited. Of course practice makes perfect, but whether you’ll put up with the Druid’s constraints until the endgame remains to be seen.

Diablo 4: best classes guide

Raconan, the rhubarb | Diablo 4 best classes

Since mathematics is not an opinion, only the Barbaro. Class known by fans, in the game it fulfills its role. If the role is that of pinata for the other classes, of course. Even the Druid can kick his ass when it comes to damage output, but we’re guessing the Barbarian is right up your alley if you have a penchant for ongoing damage and healing options. The unlockable skills in the tree are then easy to use. In short, you will have guessed a style of play that is more … “caciarone” than the others, but perhaps this is precisely what clips its wings on the tactical front. This class has no class, but can dispense blind slashers. How useful his skills are in teamwork, then… it’s up to you to decide.

Diablo 4: best classes guide

What else?

Nothing prevents you from excelling with the Barbarian or (if it’s even conceivable) from being pitiful with the Necromancer. However, what we advise you to do is to experiment, especially considering that the seasonal structure arriving in July will force you to create ad hoc characters continuously. For now, waiting for the review, we refer you to our other guides: the areas for farming, rescues, horses and much, much more. And before moving on to the final greetings, we also remind you that the game is currently at the center of a very tasty offer set up by one of our main affiliates, Kinguin.

Now it’s up to you to tell us yours: have we been of help to you? Let us know below, and as always, don’t forget to stay on techgameworld.com for all the most important news for gamers and more. For your purely gaming needs, you can instead find the best discounts in digital format on Kinguin.