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Diablo 4: Coming in 2023?

The year is almost over, but players are dying at the thought of Diablo 4 which, in theory, could arrive next year

With a Game Awards practically upon us and a Christmas that is around the corneror, it looks like this could be a really good year for video game enthusiasts. Then among these are those who look forward to thearrival of Diablo 4 which, in theory, should arrive in 2023! But let’s go ahead with a little order.

Diablo 4: appointment in June 2023?

The saga signed by Blizzard has certainly never ceased to excite its fans, as demonstrated in the very successful remake of the second chapter, which today more than ever has skyrocketing hype! After the confirmations on the duration of the main quest, here is that from Lumia Updates Twitter profile get the revelation! Indeed it seems that Diablo 4 should be out on June 5 next year at 11pm, even if for some countries it will be the 6th due to the time difference, instead of April as was already said unofficially a few months ago. In any case it seems that the title will weigh the beauty of 80 GB su Xbox and will be available in versione Standard, Digital Deluxe e Ultimate Edition.

Obviously there is still nothing officialbut in the past this user, whose post we have already left you above, had seen us right therefore the most probable thing will be to see a new trailer and hopefully one confirmation at the Game Awards tomorrow. For the moment, a campaign has already started on the game’s social channels “Lilith is coming”. You are ready?

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