Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

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Many seasons (in one sense) have passed for Diablo 4 day one, but how do those of the game work (in the other)? let’s talk about

Whatever anyone says, it is undeniable that the business model made up of battle passes and singing company is an inevitable reality of the contemporary videogame world: being the post-launch support of Diablo 4 divided into seasonstherefore, it is necessary to talk a little about how do they work. In its post-day one livestream, Blizzard drilled down what to expect from the game’s more live-service-like aspect. But how to marry a mostly single player title with this strategy? Simple: Seasonal content can only be accessed via a new character created specifically for the season itself.

“Tell me where and when” | How seasons work in Diablo 4

Blizzard hasn’t been particularly generous with details about Diablo 4’s seasons, but having to figure out how they work, we can start from theirs duration. Well, it’s about events quarterly, for a total of about four per year (quite appropriate for the metaphorical meaning of “season”). The first awaits us “from late mid-July”, which means that the “classic” experience for fans will last just a few weeks starting from day one, the June 22nd. But what does this concept entail in a title mostly devoted to leveling up and single player progress?

Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

This quest is new to me | How seasons work in Diablo 4

With each season, players can look forward to new quests, separated entirely from the main campaign narrative (for obvious reasons). Not only that: there are also new features that change the gameplay and the pace at which you level up. Each feature will be exclusive to the season and will be retired at the end of the three months. However, the created character will be transferred to the eternal kingdom at the end of the season, where will remain playable. Finally, with each season comes the usual load of patches, such as game balance changes and quality-of-life improvements.

Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

It takes courage to go on a journey | How seasons work in Diablo 4

To guide you in each season there will be a seasonal travel similar to Diablo III’s Season Journeys, i.e. a sequence of objectives similar to the PlayStation Trophies (or… well, Xbox Objectives), divided into chapters. One change from the past is that you don’t need to complete every objective in one chapter to proceed to the next, allowing you to be more selective about your play style. Rewards range from crafting materials to the Codex of Power, which improves character abilities in a similar way to legendary loot. Proceed with the battle pass of the game via the Favor, also obtainable via achievements. Needless to say, there’s a… um, “refresh” to the battle pass at the end of each season.

Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

Pimp my Pass | How seasons work in Diablo 4

The Favor can also be obtained in other ways, including quests, grinding and world events. Basically, the continuous creation of new characters is now at the heart of the entire experience, making it the best way to play. The pass battaglia itself, as is now common practice, comes in three variants: free, premium and “accelerated”. The former boasts 27 different tiers of rewards, between cosmetic objects and smoking ashes. The latter can be used to obtain experience points and gold boosts obtained, as well as general bonuses for your seasonal character. And for the most demanding users?

Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

Exclusive offer | How seasons work in Diablo 4

The battle pass premium ha 63 degrees add-ons including cosmetic rewards exclusive to the season, and a platinum currency to spend in the in-game store. Of course, for the ten cuckoos that it requires, one wonders what the pass consists of “accelerated“, which instead it costs 25. In reality it is the same thing, with the addition of the possibility of… um, speed up, to be precise. Translated into more practical terms, those who use the third type of pass will be able to skip the first 20 degrees altogether, with the addition of an exclusive aesthetic object to the deluxe offer. We’ll see if the business model proves to be functional!

Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

No funny costumes? | How seasons work in Diablo 4

Ascertained that platinum is the local equivalent of the well-known V-Buck, what does the in-game shop? Again, these are purely cosmetic objects with which to customize the look of the character but, unlike what is offered by the battle pass, they are limited only to a specific class. Blizzard has defined this choice as an option to “give a personal touch to your fantasy character”. For this reason, while the dark fantasy aesthetic used in the game remains the same, it will be possible to have a pinch of visual variety between the armors. Of course, as live-service rules, purchases and currency tied to an account remain the same across platforms while the shop (and here we sigh) will update frequently.

Diablo 4: How do seasons work?

(little) conclusive considerations

You’ll have to wait for our review (and settle for the preview) to find out more, but it certainly is a notable discrepancy between two styles of play. On the one hand we know that there is a world to explore which, in addition to being consistent with itself, also offers a substantial endgame. On the other hand, we have live-service rewards which, however basic they are new for the series, require a grinding from which the game seems to distance itself. But even though things clash with each other, it’s up to the developers to unravel the skein of their own creation. We’ll talk about it in the future, for sure!

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