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Diablo Immortal: our experience with the new Blizzard mobile MMORPG

After years of development and a long test phase, it is finally available Diablo Immortalnew title Blizzard Entertainment as well as the last chapter of one of the most famous and popular videogame series. Diablo Immortal is a decidedly revolutionary title: while maintaining the characteristics of Action RPG typical of the series, the game is set up as a MMO free-to-playand is also designed and optimized for mobile devices, despite it being A PC version is also available. Since the launch, there has been no lack of discussions and controversies, especially concerning the alleged pay-to-win dynamics of the game, complained by some users. We at TechPrincess took a few days to test thoroughly Diablo Immortaland we’re here to tell you what we think about this review.

Our Diablo Immortal review

Diablo Immortal is set between the events of Diablo II and Diablo III, and in particular inherits from the latter many characteristics of the gameplay, which in terms of rhythm and intensity is reminiscent of classic arcade action. Those who feared a budget version for mobile, poor in terms of graphics and game depth, can rest assured: on compatible devices (in our case a iPhone 11 Pro Max), Diablo Immortal is a top-level videogame experience, which has nothing to do with the various cheap titles that populate the stores ofi Android e iOS.

However, there are some flaws of youth, mainly linked to the MMO characteristics of the title. The updates to download are many and important in terms of size, and also the connection is anything but stable: even with a stable and powerful line, it will happen several times to lose the connection with Blizzard servers. The excellent save system, however, will allow you not to lose any game progress, returning to the track in the same point after a pause of a few seconds.

Diablo Immortal: our experience with the new Blizzard mobile MMORPG

Le game classes are the ones we already know, with some welcome additions: Barbaro, Mago, Demon Hunter, Monk, Crusader e Necromancer. After a very brief opening, we find ourselves immersed in the gloomy and sinister world characteristic of the series. There is no shortage of familiar faces and places already visited in the other titles of the series, but Blizzard has studied well the lessons of many sequels or reboots of the recent videogame and cinematic past, making sure to guarantee an engaging and satisfying experience both to the uninitiated of the franchise and to the veterans, who will not fail to grasp several references and tributes to the mythology of Diablo.

Il control system on mobile it is the most fluid and natural one can expect from a game of this caliber. Already after the tutorials, even the most inexperienced player can very naturally move around the game’s territories, fight and interact with objects and characters. Not a small achievement, considering that this aspect is often the Achilles heel of many notable mobile games. Good news also from skill system and from that of empowerment of equipment and gems, also in this case very intuitive and strong in a choice that will surely make many players happy: the upgrades are linked to the slot and not to a specific object. Consequently, with each change of object we can therefore also transfer the level and upgrades of the object we are disposing of.

Online cooperation

The nature exquisitely online of Diablo Immortal inevitably leads to some new dynamics from a gameplay point of view. The cooperation between the players is encouraged and extremely useful to defeat the most difficult enemies. The always-on chat also allows you to receive advice and useful information, as well as to offer and ask for cooperation. At the same time, however, the Diablo Immortal online game system leads to some situations that are not entirely pleasant from the point of view of immersion. Especially when you are focused on carrying on the quest main from a single player perspective, you can in fact run into the battles of other players against enemies invisible to us, which will at least partially divert attention from our mission.

Small flaws, however, compensated by the clarity of the game system, which always puts us in a position to understand what we have to do, where and why. Also good i dialogues, pressing, effective and strong of a convincing dubbing, flagship of a sound sector of all respect. It is also necessary to point out, also from the point of view of the plot, a return to the dark shades that distinguished Diablo II, from which the sequel had slightly deviated. Our journey through dungeons and demonic creatures is studded with particularly dramatic implications, capable of involving us also from an emotional point of view as well as from a purely playful one.

Diablo Immortal review in brief: pay to win?

In conclusion, an inevitable mention of the most heated debate around Diablo Immortal, the one on the so-called paywall. In several hours of gameplay, we never felt like we were forced to purchase items in order to make progress. On the contrary, we found the power-up system to be extremely natural, almost repetitive at times. The typical cycle fight monsters-collect treasures-level up finds its perfect declination in Diablo Immortal, and we felt sincere astonishment at not having yet encountered obvious blocks due to difficulties or the need for paid content.

Undoubtedly, Diablo Immortal is a work in progress and a world yet to be explored. We will therefore not fail to keep you updated on the developments of this important project and on the consequent changes to the game dynamics which, also due to the controversy, in the coming weeks will in all probability be numerous and decisive for the gameplay.


  • Excellent graphics, especially for a mobile title
  • Precise and functional control system
  • No paywalls have been evident, at least for now


  • Game server stability not yet perfect
  • The encounters with other players engaged in missions invisible to us are not the best

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