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Porsche for the first time at Milan Design Week

For the first time the Milan Design Week hosts an initiative by Porsche. The famous German car manufacturer is taking part in the event that in these days is involving the Lombard capital with a special installation, part of a global initiative called The Art of Dreams. A way to leave an important mark on the world of creativity, once again.

Porsche with Ruby Barber at Milan Design Week

In the splendid setting of Clerici Palacea short distance from iconic places such as the Duomo and La Scala, the work of Ruby Barberfloral artist of the Studio Mary Lennox. An immersive installation, which leads those who visit it to explore a labyrinth of plants and flowers in which to get lost and find themselves. The presence of mirrors on the path is the key to elevating everything to a higher level.

On the one hand these objects so cold in appearance they create an extraordinary contrast with the nature represented by plants. Almost a way to welcome everything, connecting the artificial world with the natural one. On the other hand they expand the experience, reflecting the plants and creating an even richer environment, managing to introduce us to one third dimension of the work itself.

To make it, as we said, the Australian floral artist and designer Ruby Barber, founder of the Mary Lennox studio. The installation commissioned by Porsche for Milan Design Week fits well into the complex of production of this artist, who has always played with the surreal to give life to new spaces that run on the line between reality and dream.

Not only that, but it is also perfectly in line with the project The Art of Dreams, a global art initiative launched by Porsche. The idea is to explore the dream world with interactive installations distributed around the world, in a message of hope and positivity. It all started in Paris last October, and then landed in Singapore in January and now in the Lombard capital.

Installation, but also performance

We were present at the official opening vernissage of the work created by Ruby Barber. A truly special occasion, completely immersed in the magical atmosphere of Palazzo Clerici located in the heart of the Brera district, one of the symbols of Milanese artistic creativity. And right there, sipping a drink from the temporary bar open for the week, we were able to experience the performance linked to this installation.

In front of a thrilling audience, one fleet of drones soared in the sky. A rose was attached to each of them, creating the effect of a hypothetical ‘decomposed bouquet’ in flight a few meters high. Different movements, which created dynamism in this moment, until the arrival of the conclusion.

One by one, each of those roses went back downwards, only to be swept away by the drone ‘off stage’, almost a return behind the scenes after a bow. One step after another, some more quickly, some with studied slowness, until the last protagonist’s greeting. A goodbye slowtouching that left everyone with bated breath waiting for his disappearance from the scene.

A performance, the one proposed in the installation Porsche of the Milan Design Week, which seems to perfectly capture all the poetry of this project. It really feels like witnessing a dream, with this almost total fusion of nature and technology (rose and drone become a single identity, indissoluble and interchangeable), each with its own characteristics and capabilities.

Ruby Barber explained her work as follows:

“I’m curious to explore the connections between nature and the modern human environment. I am particularly interested in the possible interactions between botany and technology. In the realization of this work I dreamed of a meeting place between two worlds and I merged them creating a space for a new experience “.

Robert Ader, Chief Marketing Officer of Porsche AG, instead commented with these words the participation in the Milan Design Week shortly before the opening of the doors:

“Porsche is driven by dreams and with The Art of Dreams initiative we want to inspire people by reminding them of the importance of dreaming. At the same time, we strongly want to support the creative community and offer the public exceptional works of art. Milan Design Week is a great opportunity to get in touch with creatives from all over the world: we can’t wait for it to start “.

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