Diablo Immortal: will also arrive on PC

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Good news for all PC owners who will be able to enrich their collection of titles with Diablo Immortal

In the end it happened, it still doesn’t seem true and yet it is, Diablo Immortal it will no longer be a “simple” mobile game, but will soon also land on PC. And do you know what’s the coolest thing yet? What will be freebut let’s go ahead with some order.

Diablo Immortal: from mobile to PC game

Diablo Immortal was initially announced as a mobile title in 2018, but today after about four years and numerous postponements is finally ready to land on PC too. The announcement of this new version came during a Blizzard Entertainment livestream where game director Wyatt Cheng revealed some news on the title.

Like any self-respecting computer game, therefore, this version will support both the controller that the evergreen coupled mouse and keyboard. Furthermore, being a titolo cross – play, players will be able to play simultaneously on both computer and mobile. As announced by the trailer that we leave you below both versions will be released on June 2 so you won’t have to wait long.

The computer version will be “Technically” a kind of open beta test, but will still include all the contents of the final version of the title. Similar to the previous chapters of the saga, there will be a main story that can then go in eight different directions and then it will be set between the second and third chapter. There will be then six classes to choose from, but you will also see the return of the legendary loot and adding new bonuses!

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