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Diablo IV: in the new episode of “Inside the Game” we talk about the story!

The Diablo IV development team is back in a new episode of “Inside the Game”, we talk about the story! Let’s find out all the details together in this dedicated news

The development team of Diablo IV is back in the new appointment of the “Dentro al Gioco” series to talk about history of the saga with a focus on the new chapter. Game Director Joe Shely, Associate Writer Eden Trujillo, Senior Story Lead Sean Copeland, and Lead Writer Matt Burns have come together to explain why the story between Lilith and Inarius is the darkest ever told in a Diablo game. A saga that has been going on for decades and that has fascinated a difficult to quantify number of gamers who, by now, are in anticipation of the official and definitive release of the fourth chapter. Chapter of which we have already had the opportunity to try preview versions and which we have already told you about.

Diablo IV: in the new episode of "Inside the Game" we talk about the story!

Diablo IV: all the details on the story!

It will be useful to memorize and keep in mind what, according to what the development team told, are the key points of the story of the new Diablo IV:

  • The story of Diablo IV takes place 50 years after the events of Diablo III and features a new hellish plan in which both those familiar with the previous chapters and newcomers can enjoy slaying demons.
  • Players will begin their journey in the Shattered Peaks before becoming entangled in the monumental events that will shape and shake the world of Sanctuary. Rich character customization allows you to realize your idea throughout the story.
  • What remains of humanity is caught up in the struggle between Heavenly Heaven and the Burning Hells and the last members of a secret group of wizards and scholars known as the Horadrim want to take you to fight against the dark powers of Lilith.
  • The characters who inhabit Sanctuary: the already known Horadrim Lorath, the new scholar and Horadrim Donan, the young adventuress Neyrelle and Prava, another new character who leads the Cathedral of Light, a military faction following Inarius who hopes to set you on the path of Light.
  • The story between Lilith and Inarius takes place in tragic and apocalyptic events inside Sanctuaryleading to the darkest story ever told in the series.

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