Diablo IV: revealed the content of Season 1 with a trailer

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In the past few hours, Blizzard has unveiled with a trailer all the content that will be added with Season 1 of Diablo IV, called the Season of the Husks: let’s find out the details together in this dedicated article

We have left behind a month of fire in terms of videogame releases to enter another month of fire, but this time only in terms of temperatures. In fact, July seems to be a decidedly more moderate month for the wallet, compared to a June which saw the arrival, among many others, of Final Fantasy XVI and Diablo IV (here our review!). And it is precisely of the latter that we are going to speak, because Blizzard has presented, in the past few hours, a trailer that shows all the content that will be added to the latest iteration of the Diablo franchise with season 1. Let’s find out together, meanwhile we leave you the trailer below.

A presentation trailer and lots of details | Diablo IV: revealed the content of Season 1 with a trailer

Diablo IV is a game designed to evolve and expand for years to come; thus kicks off the long-running content roadmap with the very first Season of Diablo IV, the Season of the Husks, arriving July 20th. In the latest developer livestream, Associate Game Director Joseph Piepiora, Lead Game Producer Timothy Ismay, and Associate Community Director Adam Fletcher talked about the content coming this Season, including a brand new questline with new faces and new enemies, new powers, the first Seasonal Path and the first Battle Pass.

Following in the tradition of previous Diablo games, Seasons give players the chance to start the Season Path all over again with the new features and gameplay mechanics just added. Starting at the same tier, players can try out new classes and builds that have caught their eye, or embark on the journey through the Season with their favorite combination of class and build, trying out the seasonal mechanics for a new experience. There is no need to start from scratch to level up a new character, as the fame gained from discovering the map and the benefits gained from Lilith’s Altars are retained. If players have unlocked the mount, they will be able to use it immediately with the new character. At the end of each Season, characters will be transferred to the Eternal Realm, and players will have permanent access to it.

Diablo IV: revealed the content of Season 1 with a trailer

Lots of content | Diablo IV: revealed the content of Season 1 with a trailer

Here are all the details of Season 1 of Diablo IV:

  • Start a new adventure: A mysterious menace roams the land in the form of Vile Monsters. It will be necessary to accompany Cormond, a former priest, to prevent the spread of the Husks at all costs.
  • Fight the infestation: Destroy these Vile Monsters by extracting their corruption and trapping their Vile Hearts, which can then be socketed into rings and amulets.
  • No experience required: New players will be able to jump into the Seasonal Realms and play through the main campaign while learning the basics and then jump right into the seasonal content and new systems being introduced. They will also be able to progress towards certain steps in the Season Track and Battle Pass throughout the game. Hardcore players will be able to create new characters and experiment with new classes or builds as they complete the Seasonal Path. Seasons add a whole new way to customize your characters and grow your power as you take on endgame challenges.
  • Seasonal route: This multi-chapter achievement system rewards male and female players for completing each chapter. In the different chapters, it will be possible to obtain Favor from the rewards, with which to advance in the Battle Pass.
  • Pass Battaglia: by obtaining Favor by playing normally or by purchasing optional rank jumps, players will be able to obtain rewards by completing the ranks of the Battle Pass. The Battle Pass includes a basic path where anyone can get seasonal boosts to accelerate the progress of the character. Those who decide to purchase the paid path will also be able to obtain exclusive cosmetic items from the Battle Pass.

Diablo IV: revealed the content of Season 1 with a trailer

Good fun!

These were all the details and the launch trailer for Season 1, Season of the Husk, of Diablo IV. Let us know what you think below in the comments, we will continue to keep you updated with all the videogame and tech-themed news, guides and reviews! And if you are interested in game keys at advantageous prices, we suggest you take a look at the Kinguin catalogue!

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