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Diabolik – Ginko on the attack! Here comes the teaser trailer

Waiting for its release to the cinema, here are the first images accompanied by the teaser trailer of the film Diabolik – Ginko Attack !, the second chapter by Manetti Bros. dedicated to the fascinating comic book character created by the Giussani sisters

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack! It will be released in cinemas on November 17th with 01 Distribution. Waiting for the film arrived the first teaser trailer accompanied by some images that reveal an already known detail: under the guise of Diabolik is Giacomo Giannotti.

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack! The teaser trailer

Will arrive at the cinema on November 17 con 01 Distribution Diabolik – Ginko attack !, second chapter of the planned trilogy of Manetti Bros. dedicated to the famous cartoon character of the sisters Giussani. On this occasion, the first evocative teaser trailer of the film arrived, the main novelty of which lies in the change of the protagonist: under the mask this time there is Giacomo Giannotti.

Diabolik, the cast of the second chapter by Manetti Bros.

With a very respectable cast, the anxious wait begins to watch the second film that he sees as the protagonist Diabolikplayed this time by Giacomo Giannotti in place of Luca Marinelli. At the side of the famous thief there are again Miriam Leone in the role of the beloved Eva Kant and Valerio Mastrandrea in those of Ginkgo, inspector and thorn in the side of the protagonist. The cast is embellished with Monica Bellucci in the role of Altea, girlfriend of Ginko out of the ordinary and with a great charisma. The second chapter of Diabolik, as well as the first, is a subject of the Manetti Bros. And Mario Gomboli. Also in the script we find the Manetti Bros. In collaboration with Michelangelo La Neve.

Diabolik – Ginko on the attack! is a Mompracem production together with Rai Cinema, produced by Carlo Macchitella, Manetti bros., Pier Giorgio Bellocchio in association with Astorina and Bleidwin. Fundamental support from the Emilia-Romagna Region and Friuli Venezia Giulia Film Commission, distributed by 01 Distribution.

Diabolik - Ginko on the attack!  Here comes the teaser trailer

The Manetti Bros., the choice to change the protagonist Luca Marinelli

The choice to replace Luca Marinelli with Italian-Canadian Giacomo Giannotti for the next two films in the trilogy, dto Antonio and Marco Manetti, known as the Manetti Bros., during the Turin Book Fair. During the event, the brothers spoke extensively about their trilogy dedicated to Diabolik and the choice to replace the protagonist. The main reason is the conflict of dates that saw Luca Marinelli engaged on the set of The Eight Mountains, presented at the Cannes Film Festival, at the same time that the two sequels were shooting (the last of which was shot in Calabria, between Palmi and Praia a Mare). No reason linked to Marinelli’s interpretative dissatisfaction, as one might think. The Manetti Bros. said they were struck “by Giacomo Gianniotti’s gaze and physical appearance. We found that he was very Diabolik ”.

Who is Giacomo Gianniotti

Giacomo Giannotti, as the name suggests, he is an Italian actor with Canadian citizenship, born in Rome and commuter between the Eternal City and Toronto, where he moved with his family at a very young age. Without too many preambles about his career and acting studies, is known to the general public especially by Andrew DeLuca in Grey’s Anatomy, in the eleventh and twelfth seasons of the long-running series. Very interesting is the description of the Manetti Bros., which tell how the actor never separated from Diabolik’s knife to identify himself with the dark side of the thief of the Giussan sistersi.

Diabolik - Ginko on the attack!  Here comes the teaser trailer

The words of the Manetti Bros. on Diabolik – Ginko under attack!

The two Roman brothers have always been passionate about comics and finally managed to bring it to the cinema, after the victory of the David di Donatello Love and underworld in 2018. Manetti’s modus operandi regarding Diabolik also required a different style than the one usually used:

We usually make a less aesthetic cinema, more “guerrilla”, but this time the thing that amused us was to recreate the environments and the vintage style of comics, object by object, together with our set designer Noemi Marchica. In addition to the victory of Manuel Agnelli for the Best Song with The depth of the abysses, we were also very pleased with the other 10 nominations for the David di Donatello for the more aesthetic aspects, such as the scenography, the costumes and the make-up: they show that our work has arrived. And the David Giovani nomination proves that the younger generation does not love the cinema of the past just because they do not see it. If we show it to him, he’ll like it.

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