DicoDati, the podcast that explores the tech world with data experts

DicoDati, il podcast che approfondisce il mondo tech con esperti del dato thumbnail

Iconsultingthe leading Italian consulting firm focused on creating strategic value starting from data, launches DicoDati, the first podcast in Italy which deepens these tech with the contribution of data experts.

DicoDati, the Iconsulting podcast

The contents, thanks to the high preparation of Iconsulting professionals, will offer food for thought to tell the evolution of the technology sector and better understand how the future will present itself. With the opening of this new podcast, the company is experimenting with a new way of communicating its subject matter by delving into the most discussed topics in the industry with a wide-ranging conception.

“Thanks to DicoDati, Iconsulting inaugurates a new dialogue window with customers, companies in its network and a wider audience who want to explore and deepen tech under the guidance of real specialists” he said Alfredo Formisano, Director of Iconsulting

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“The initiative, aimed at encouraging the exchange of ideas with our stakeholders, demonstrates the profound know-how of the Iconsulters and their ability to share, in addition to more technical and specialized notions, an overview and lateral thinking capable of connect the data with the real world. This is a peculiarity that has always distinguished us on the market and defines us as a strategic partner for all our customers.”

Where you can listen to the podcast

Iconsulting’s DicoDati is already available on the Apple Podcasts, Audible, Spotify, Amazon Music, Google Podcasts platforms, the two opening episodes entitled “ChatGPT: hype or hope?” e “Digital Twin: the digital laboratory of reality” both conducted by Francesca Pignatari,Digital Communication Expert di Iconsulting and voice guide of the podcast, accompanied by company experts.

In the first episode we went to analyze the revolutionary charge of ChatGPT in the field of data and analytics and its potential, while in the second we dealt with the development and impact in the industrial sector of the Digital Twin, an increasingly important tool for digital transformation. Subsequent appointments will focus on sustainability and ESG, cybersecurity, healthcare and innovation.