Nuovo Party Rocker One

Party Rocker One is the new Hisense speaker for unforgettable parties

hisense presents Party Rocker One, the new party speaker designed for lovers of parties and fun. With 300 watts of power, 15 hours of autonomy and integrated light effects, it is perfect for organizing unforgettable parties.

New Party Rocker One

From the global leader in consumer electronics and home appliances comes Party Rocker One, the new speaker for party lovers. Hisense launches the innovative party speaker in Italy, offering the best of its technology in one gritty product with high performance.

Founded in China in 1969, Hisense is now present in 160 countries and has been active in Italy for over 10 years. World leader in various sectors, from electronics to air conditioning, the company has also recently entered the small appliance sector, confirming its attention to technological research and innovation.

300 watts of power

Con 300 watt of power and the dual woofer configuration, Party Rocker One guarantees an immersive and fun sound experience. Thanks to the integrated battery and aautonomy of 15 hours, users will be able to rest assured and enjoy the party without worrying about having to recharge the device. To make everything more carefree and fun i 5 plays of light to the rhythm of music and the karaoke mode integrated, the perfect ingredients for a fun party.

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Party Rocker One, the new Hisense speaker that animates the parties

15 hours of autonomy

The modern and gritty look of Party Rocker One does not leave out the interesting technical features, such as the integrated pad for the wireless charging of smartphones. A function designed to guarantee light-heartedness to users, who will not have to interrupt the fun to look for a socket. And in the case of a beach or pool party, the IPX4 protection on the upper panel reassures about the effects of any splashes of water.

IPX4 protection

Hisense’s Party Rocker One comes with connectivity bluetooth, LED display, built-in radio and TV sync function, for even more dynamic and engaging light effects. It will soon be available in large-scale retail outlets and is currently available for purchase on Amazon. All that remains is to organize the next party!

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