Digital and collaborative, the world of work photographed by Adobe

Digitale e collaborativo, il mondo del lavoro fotografato da Adobe thumbnail

Adobe presented “Future of Time“, A new analysis of the world of work that shows how companies are increasingly focusing on digitization e cooperation. But the study also touches on more “cultural” points: the tendency to consume and discuss news in the workplace, the attention to balancing private life and work, the results-oriented culture. Showing how workers are getting used to the constant change of these years.

Adobe and the future of work: digitization and collaboration keywords

These are years of constant change in the world of work. Just think that in the studio “The Future of Time: Redefining Productivity During Uncertainty”, Which Adobe achieved by interviewing 9,700 executives and workers, 70% see change as a constant. The only certainty in the office is that things will change.

Todd Gerber, Adobe’s Vice President of Document Cloud, explains: “Businesses of all sizes are constantly faced with considerable uncertainty, impacting employee well-being and productivity. To adapt to these changes, organizations must strategically invest in digital technologies, in tools such as Document Cloud that can renew workflows and make them more efficient, thus accelerating innovation and collaboration ”.

This uncertainty raises various concerns among workers and managers, especially regarding economic instability, environment and health (with the Covid variants). Just think that the 70% discuss news of this type in the company and 76% of employees think that breaking news can affect the rest of the working day.

The younger generation are the ones who feel this uncertainty the most, with Generation Z (93%) and Millennials (87%) where the impact is greatest. But it should be emphasized that 58% consider work a “welcome distraction from social problems.

The technology to collaborate

However, over a third of executives think that new technologies have helped in recent years. 84% of managers think it is helping both for operational efficiency and work culture. About a third think it helps to balance work and private life.

Employees think the corporate culture becomes more collaborative (63% SMEs and 71% large companies) e digitized (71%, 81%). Over 70% of employees and executives believe that digital solutions streamline work relationships, contributing to better collaboration between colleagues.

Adobe tools help achieve these goals, especially with solutions such as Adobe Document Cloud e Adobe Acrobat Sign. In a world where i PDF are the most reliable solution, the Adobe suite plays an important role.

You can read the entire report at this address.