Printer cartridges: what are the different types

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The cartridgesas well as i tonerare the consumables of the printers, are the elements thanks to which it is possible to use these devices for various domestic or business needs

Not everyone knows, however, that cartridges they are not all the sameand not only as regards the color of the ink: these products can in fact also be distinguished on the basis of the ways in which they were made and made available for use by companies in the sector.

So what are the different types you can choose from? Let’s find out right away, taking a cue from what can be discovered by consulting e-commerce specialized in printer cartridges such as TuttoCartucce.

Original cartridges

The original cartridges are those proposed from the same brand which produced the printer in which they are to be used.

In this regard, it is useful to underline that cartridges and toner are not “universal” items, therefore they can be used indiscriminately in any printer, on the contrary each brand has its own standardsthis means that if you have, for example, a Canon printer, you will certainly not be able to use cartridges from a competitor such as Samsung could be.

Buying original cartridges obviously means enjoying them best guarantees in terms of quality, however, these products have a considerable cost and are expensive especially for those who usually perform a lot of prints, for this reason alternative solutions have been devised, able to guarantee savings without compromising in terms of quality. .

Compatible cartridges

Compatible cartridges are not original cartridges, they are a alternative product which still allows you to guarantee good prints at a much lower cost and which has now become extremely widespread.

This type of cartridges are not produced by the same brand of the printer in which they will be used, but are made by external companies for this purpose, that is to be able to use them in printers of the most famous brands: Canon, Samsung, HP, Acer and others.

It is useful to clarify immediately which cartridges are compatible they are not counterfeit productsabsolutely: these cartridges are presented for what they are, they are not passed off as originals, so there is nothing illegal or ethically incorrect in their sale.

Another commonplace to dispel is also that according to which compatible cartridges can damage the printer as they are not original: this is absolutely not the case, these cartridges can be used safely, indeed they have evolved in an important way also in terms of print quality.

How much can you save with these cartridges? Difficult to say, since the amount of savings is directly proportional, of course, to how many prints you usually make.

Analyzing the average prices of compatible cartridges and original cartridges, however, we can still speak of a saving of more than 50%.

Remanufactured cartridges

Original and compatible cartridges dominate the market today, but another alternative is also gaining ground, namely remanufactured cartridges.

These cartridges, as you can guess from the name, are made reusable thanks to a regeneration processeven these products can therefore guarantee significant savings in terms of quality, however, not all of them are reliable.

Furthermore, since the internal materials of the cartridges must not be inhaled, it is good to avoid do-it-yourself regeneration, preferring the purchase of cartridges remanufactured through industrial processes.