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Digitization, Innovation and Connectivity: the keywords of the 3rd edition of Pdays – Mobility and Parking

Pdays – Mobility and Parkingthe national exhibition dedicated to parking and mobility operators, reaches its third edition, an edition that brings together professionals, managers, stakeholders, public administrations and industry in the sector in one major event.

At the center of the event, for the first time in attendance after the constraints imposed by the pandemic, we find three key words:

  • digitizationbecause it defines how and what the objectives and growth opportunities of the sector should be;
  • innovation, why new ideas are the tools of change;
  • connectivity, so that the parking sector can open up and grow in comparison with the network of stakeholders, institutions and associations.

But how does all this reflect on the actual event? On the one hand we have the exhibition areacon companies and startups which will show the technological innovations intended to drive change, on the other hand we have the conferencesfor two days dedicated to highly topical issues with the PNNR, EV Charing and the transformation of cities.

“The scenario that will emerge from these two days of confrontation, will have to become the fulcrum to launch the challenge to growth in order to face the transition towards a new model of mobility that will see parking lots, the services connected to them and parking in urban areas, such as main protagonists of the growth of our country. A growth in the direction of change, in turn supported by all the important investments that the Government has launched with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan “, declared Fabio Mosconi, President of AIPARK and Director of Parking and Parking of ATM in Milan.

I Pdayshosted by Leopolda Station of Florence and organized by AIPARKwill therefore be an important opportunity for comparison and growth, also for AIPARK itself (Italian Association of Parking and Mobility Operators), which today counts among its members the most important players and the best professionals in the public and private sector on the national territory , serving 250 Italian cities and 22 million citizens.

Participation in the event, which is held on 22 and 23 June, is open to all, upon registration on the official website.

The protagonist of the Pdays

But which are the companies that have chosen to take part in the Pdays to design the future of mobility and parking together?


We know, you usually associate Telepass to tolls only but in reality the company, with its Telepass Plus, today offers a lot of services. To the 2022 edition of Pdays Telepass therefore brings all its experience, that of a fintech that aims at innovate and make urban and extra-urban mobility more efficient.

The little gadget you keep in your car is just a small piece. Today Telepass is a platform for integrated mobility which aggregates all types of services connected to new styles of mobility, such as cashless payments for parking, fuel, electric recharges, taxis, trains and sharing mobility.
And then there is the service Blue Stripespresent in about 200 municipalities and designed for help you pay for the actual parking minutes only, based on the rates indicated by the Municipality, without any additional cost on the parking fee. On the other hand, the operation is very simple: the app detects the position, asks you to confirm the license plate and then to set the minutes of the stop, after which you will receive a notification when your time is running out. In addition, you have the possibility to remotely modify the term of the stay, anticipating or postponing it, as well as being able to directly view the total amount that will be charged at the end.

Telepass customers can also simply access the affiliated car parks using the Telepass device and pay for the parking: just identify the dedicated lanes and wait for the barrier to go up to start again without stopping to pay at the cash desk. All this with great attention to safety since it avoids crowds at the checkout and reduces the circulation of cash.
At the moment there are about 300 conventioned car parks that allow you to take advantage of this service, many of which are located near airports, stations, hospitals, urban centers and trade fairs throughout the Italian territory.

Of course the Blue Stripes service is perhaps the one that best fits the spirit of Pdays but in reality the services offered by Telepass are really many, all guided by the same intent: to give people the opportunity to move freely, in an integrated, safe way. and sustainable.


In 2021, over 3 million users used myCicero to pay for parking on the blue lines, but also to buy bus, metro and train tickets in over 5000 Italian municipalities.
Few numbers, however, paint a rather clear picture, a picture that sees myCicero among the first apps in the sector as well as anticipatrice del paradigma MaaS (Mobility as a Service). Yes, because the application, which you can find on the App Store and Google Play Store, allows users to obtain information, buy tickets and take advantage of various services without having to resort to other software.

But that is not all. In recent years myCicero has developed digital services which today allow you to have integrated parking and transport packages, to book parking spaces in the structure and much more.

“MaaS systems are not only useful in metropolitan areas and large urban centers – he says Giorgio Fanesi, myCicero CEO – We want to take the opportunity of participating in this edition of Pdays to tell all parking managers how, in a short time and with low investments, they can take on a key role in coordinating local mobility services, making them myCicero technology available in white-label mode. The parking app will thus become a one-stop-shop for all local services, and not just for mobility “.

Pdays 2022: EasyPark

The EasyPark Group. We know it for the homonymous application but in reality the company is a multinational that operates in 25 countries and that it not only facilitates parking operations for millions of motorists in Europebut it supports cities, parking operators and companies in the administration, planning and management of car parks and in the implementation of rational parking policies that aim to reduce traffic and pollution and make cities more liveable.

Today, thanks to the experience gained and the data collected over the years, EasyPark offers a range of cutting-edge services able to provide a complete overview of the parking ecosystem, with dashboards and mappings that allow you to check in real time the occupation levels of the parking spaces, the data of the transactions carried out by all the digital systems of the parking and the control of parking on the road .

“Creating a digital parking ecosystem opens up an infinite number of possibilities: it improves the parking experience of every driver and gives cities the opportunity to carry out thoughtful urban planning. Our mission is to make cities more liveable: to do this it is necessary to systematize data in an integrated way. With our tools we are able to do this and thus contribute to truly achieving smarter mobility, ”he said Giuliano CaldoGeneral Manager of EasyPark Italia.

We would like to point out that at the EasyPark exhibition space (Stand 2) it is possible to test the company’s digital solutions, learn more about the “Parking Data as a Service” service and meet the management of the Italian branch.


Also Well-behaved, company founded in 2002 and acquired by the EasyPark group in June 2017, takes part in the Pdays showing its technological solutions to the public, solutions adopted by the Public Administrations, the Local Police and private companies that manage mobility and surface parking.

Specifically we have:

  • PASSthe application – currently used in 130 Italian municipalities – for issuing and managing the various types of permits for parking and / or access to restricted areas;
  • SCAT, the violation control suite developed with the aim of helping the Local Police and Parking Detectors in the management of all the activity of checking parking tickets and drafting the reports;
  • FALCO CAMERAthe system for the massive control of number plates of parked vehicles, capable of checking over 2000 number plates / hour by detecting geographical coordinates and photos of the context.

We also point out that Brav is a technological partner pagoPAwhich allows it to offer services natively integrated with pagoPA and to activate them quickly, and it is SPID aggregator subject, an element that allows citizens to securely authenticate themselves to the online services of institutions and public administrations.

Park It

Did you know that searching for free parking accounts for 30% of city traffic? This means that 1 in 3 motorists are on the road and slow down the others because they are looking for an available seat. An operation that takes from 9 to 14 minutes.

To share this data is Park It, Italian company leader in the sector of counter accesses and on street and off street parking. But these numbers are the starting point towards creating a better parking experience, an experience that is based on technology.
A few examples? First of all it aims at a ticketless solution, then with dematerialization of the parking ticket; the data collected will then allow know the availability and use of each individual …

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