Discord and PlayStation: is integration about to officially arrive?

Discord e PlayStation: l'integrazione sta per arrivare ufficialmente? thumbnail

The much talked about integration of Discord a PlayStation 5 e PlayStation 4 it may not be long in coming. In fact, in the last few hours an image has emerged that shows the PlayStation icon within the connections section of the platform voIP. The news doesn’t come exactly as a surprise, as the two companies announced a partnership last May.

Discord and PlayStation: integration coming?

The user published the screenshot on Reddit jankesjt, and the image in question leaves very little room for doubt, as it shows the PlayStation icon in the “Discord Connections“, Or that part of the site dedicated to communication between different devices. Of course, as is often the case in these cases, the post was removed in record time, which may suggest its authenticity.

If the picture, it still managed to get around the web, were genuine then it would not miss much at the launch of the integration function between the consoles of the PlayStation and Discord family; indeed it could literally be around the corner.

An upcoming release date would not be ruled out, as the two companies announced their partnership last year May, more than enough time to define all the details of the case, even taking into account the fact that we have not received any updates on this for months.

However, it should also be emphasized that the Japanese giant did not share details in this regard to the CES 2022, the Las Vegs fair dedicated to technology, as many would have expected, so it cannot be ruled out that this project does not have a high priority for Sony. In any case, to find out the truth we just have to wait for an official announcement, which at this point could come at any moment.