Qualcomm bets on automotive at CES 2022

Qualcomm scommette sull'automotive al CES 2022 thumbnail

Cars are getting smarter, the CES 2022 confirms it once again. AND Qualcomm wants to be on the cutting edge of innovation by announcing the development of Snapdragon Digital Chassis and important collaborations with Renault, Honda e Volvo.

Qualcomm targets the automotive sector with Snapdragon Digital Chassis

Snapdragon Digital Chassis represents a complete set of cloud platforms that allow different cars (and different brands) to digitize many systems. Within this set, the Snapdragon Digital Cockpit Platforms, which allow each manufacturer to create their own display, computing and infotainment system.

This allows a Qualcomm to collaborate flexibly with different manufacturers, providing the foundation for a smarter and more complete driving experience.

The alliance with Volvo makes it possible to make the infotainment navigation system up to 2.5 times faster in generating, then exploiting Android Automotive Operating System on new models. Like the upcoming electric SUB that can use the Google Assistant with voice commands, as well as a wide range of Google Play apps and services.

Also Honda will use the Cockpit Platform on the next models arriving in the second half of 2022, using a system of infotainment all based on android.

The partnership with Renault, which will also employ Snapdragon Digital Chassis for advanced functionality. Like connectivity 5G, WiFi, Bluetooth e V2X (vehicle-to-everything), for the location of the vehicle. In addition, the two companies will work together on all levels of driver assistance. Including services Car2Cloud for over-the-air updates, SIM connection and subscription services.

Qualcomm aims to be the primary interlocutor to make the automotive sector even smarter and these important announcements at CES 2022 show that it is already on the right track.