Discord under attack by Vare malware

Vare, il malware distribuito tramite Discord thumbnail

A new type of malware called Be was discovered by CyberArk Labs – a threat that spreads via Discord, the popular chat service used by millions of people. If you use chat to hear from your friends or community, be careful.

Discord under attack by Vare malware

Researchers have found that Vare aims at new malware operators trying to get Discord premium servicecalled Nitrocon illegal methods. Vare exploits Discord’s social engineering techniques and infrastructure to infect his victims. The malware is related to an emerging group called “Kurdistan 4455” operating in southern Türkiye.

Discord Nitro offers benefits such as sending larger files, better video quality, and other paid perks. Many users are interested in Discord Nitro, but some seek to get it without paying, using illegal methods such as gift key cracking or social engineering. The risk for these users is that the malware will steal other users’ credit card information and buy Discord Nitro gift keys without users noticing.

I CyberArk Labs they found evidence that the Kurdistan 4455 group uses Vare malware to attack these malware operators and take their gift keys. In this way, the group manages to make an easy profit with little effort by exploiting the malware activity on the Discord platform.

Vare is an example of how publicly available repositories (Discord’s APIs and code) become a weapon in the hands of cybercrime groups. Also, since many developers use Discord, there is a risk that the problem will spread fast.

According to CyberArk Labs, platforms like Discord, Slack e Microsoft Teams they will increasingly become targets of attack by cybercriminals. You must therefore pay particular attention, downloading upgrades and paid services only in an official way.