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The Lockbit ransomware group targets Apple devices

The cybercriminals behind the ransomware Lockbit they would be targeting the world as well Apple, with a variant for macOS. So all users must remain alert.

Lockbit, the ransomware also attacks Apple devices

LockBit is one of the most active and dangerous criminal organizations in the ransomware landscape. This type of malware encrypts victims’ data and demands payment to decrypt it. So far, the group has mainly targeted operating systems such as Windows, Linux and corporate servers. But now it seems to have changed its strategy and is also aiming for Apple devices.

This is what emerges from the analyzes of the researchers of MalwareHunterTeamwho have discovered a specially designed LockBit code for infect macOS computers. This is unprecedented, as no other major ransomware gang ever had explicitly aimed at Apple products.

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LockBit if you primarily concentrate your corporate and institutional goals. According to Swascan, a cyber security company, the Ransomware affected 817 businesses in the last three months of 2022 aloneincluding the company that manages drinking water in Porto, the second most populous city in Portugal.

Ncc Group, a consultancy specializing in security, has estimated that LockBit was responsible for 40% of all recorded ransomware attacks in 2022earning a reputation as “one of the deadliest ransomware threat actors”.

The reason for the widespread diffusion lies in having created a ransomware that anyone can use – even less experienced criminals, who buy it from those who developed it in the digital black market. The creators, then, it they continually update to evade defenses. In addition, they behave like real companies: they listen to user feedback, take care of their satisfaction, they recruit people from rival groups. An operation run like a business. Which can now affect Macs too.

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