Discover Call of Duty: Vanguard Zombi with the Treyarch team

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Get ready to find out COD: Vanguard Zombie along with Craig Houston, Tony Bedard and Gavin Locke of Treyarch. The team responded to some of the hottest questions regarding “Der Anfang”, the next chapter in the saga of the Dark Aether.

COD: Vanguard Zombies – the dark secrets

Get ready for the most devastating fight of your life. At the launch of Call of Duty: Vanguard the November 5, the Special Forces operators will need all the help they can get survive the undead. To learn more about the mysterious new chapter in the Dark Aether saga, Craig Houston, Tony Bedard and Gavin Locke, members of the studio behind the Dark Aether universe in Zombies, answered a few questions regarding the game.

How will Vanguard Zombies continue the saga of the Dark Aether?

The team responded that Vanguard Zombies reveals that entities from the Dark Aether dimension have contacts with humans for several centuries. The public will better understand the state of the Dark Aether before the events of Projekt Endstation changed everything.

The cyclotronic accident of the Endstation is the root cause of events in Vanguard Zombies. The active dimensional breach of the dormant artifacts collected by Nazis, giving the SS commander, Wolfram Von List, the chance to make a pact with a lord of the Dark Aether and thus give the Third Reich victory in World War II.

Who’s the new villain?

Treyarch revealed who the main enemy is Oberführer Von List, commander of the SS Die Wahrheit battalion. His soldiers scoured the globe in search of mystical objects, and their research paid off, uncovering an artifact that formed a symbiotic bond between Von List and an ancient Dark Aether lord, Kortifex the Immortal.

Game mechanics

The Treyarch team also revealed some more details about the game mechanics of COD: Vanguard Zombi. According to what has been revealed, the match begins in the center of Stalingrad. Here is a small initial area where you can fight zombies, access a series of power-up machines, see the portals of the three initial objectives, and more. The first important decision will be to choose with which goal portal to interact.

On the first day there will be three objectives available: Blitz, Transmission e Collection. The first enemies players will encounter will be the basic zombies, revived by Kortifex and Von List. These zombies will seem like a no-brainer at first but their health, speed, and attack power it will increase over time.

After a while, the Howlers, a kind of highly lethal snapping mine. Then the players will start facing it Storm warriors, a monstrous beast of two and a half meters armed with a machine gun. The team recommends finding solid cover when this enemy appears.

As for weapons, players will have access to virtually all of their favorite WWII weapons and gear. Players come into play with theirs Main weapon and col Artifact of your choice. This time, however, the players they will have to earn extra weapons by looting chests, killing zombies and trying your luck with the Mysterious chest instead of the traditional Wall Purchases. The much loved one will also return Bomb monkey.

To conclude, the team revealed that games can generally end with a successful Extraction in about 20 minutes. This involves completing four objectives and survive theExtraction event. Only a portion of Stalingrad will be open at this time though.

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