Outriders: here is the date on which the game will arrive on PC with Xbox Game Pass

Outriders, the title of People Can Fly and Square Enix, has a date that determines its imminent return on the Xbox Game Pass for PC

Since the release date of the title, the Game Pass had been used as a means to launch Outriders, which thus obtained its first debut on the Xbox consoles and Microsoft platforms, as well as also arriving on Stadia and mobile systems. The title, of the multiplayer looter-shooter genre, was developed by Square Enix and People Can Fly, the latter authors of well-known series such as BULLETSTORM and the most famous Fortnite. When it became available in April, it wasn’t long before they almost registered in the game four million players in just one month. And now, it seems that the game is ready to return to the vast catalog offered by the American multinational.

The fame given to Outriders with the Game Pass

Outriders, for those who haven’t gotten to know him yet, is described as a hybrid of third-person shooter and RPG, set in Enoch, a dark world inhabited by despair, where violence reigns supreme. The game was released in April for all consoles except Nintendo Switch, and after confirmation of a return to Xbox Game Pass for PC was recently given, the official Outriders account also announced several patches that add crossplay with the Windows Store.

Outriders: here is the date on which the game will arrive on PC with Xbox Game Pass

Hopefully, however, we can develop an update that allows for to align also Google Stadia to other platforms, so we will have to wait for the update to arrive in November to see if this will actually be possible. The game will therefore be released on Xbox Game Pass starting today, October 19th. Clearly, Outriders is still available and can also be purchased on PlayStation consoles, for those who do not have platforms on which to give rise to a Game Pass subscription.

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