Disney: A new Star Wars game every six months

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Disney is an entertainment empire and, following the acquisition of the Star Wars worlds, the company now appears to be planning a new Star Wars-themed game every six months.

It was the end of October of 2012 when the Walt Disney Company bought Lucasfilm, then including the Star Wars universe and beyond, for approx 4 billion dollars. In short, they were certainly not small change, but now comes another news, according to a leak, in fact, Mickey’s company would like to make a Star Wars themed game every six months. But let’s try to understand the situation a little better!

Star Wars: The next games according to Disney

Unsurprisingly, he broke this news Tom Hendersona character who has already appeared several times in this environment, according to which the famous American company would like to release a game based on the worlds of Star Wars every six months.

For Henderson they can be talked about either of mobile or smaller-scale titlescome Hunters oppure Squadrons, that of triple A even if, for the moment, nothing is known yet. A good move that Disney could make, in fact, would be to bet on Star Wars Eclipse della Quantic Dream which may not see the light before 2026.

Disney: A new Star Wars game every six months

We also remember that, apart from the mouse, other companies are also interested in developing titles based on the worlds created by George Lucas. In the 2023 Jesi Survivor signed by EA and Respawn Entertainment should come out and it seems that at the moment even Ubisoft is working on such a title in sauce open world.

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