Disney focuses on the metaverse and appoints a new manager

Disney punta sul metaverso e nomina un nuovo manager per definire le strategie future thumbnail

The metaverso it seems to be increasingly important to the tech world and the entertainment industry as well Disney she intends to be ready for the appointment. The company has already confirmed for some time, through its CEO, the interest in new virtual reality technologies and entertainment solutions applied to the metaverse. To transform the interest into a real strategy, with the aim of launching dedicated products and services, he was appointed a new manager.

Disney has a metaverse operations manager

The interest shown in recent weeks seems to be concrete. Disney aims to find the right solutions to make room in the metaverse. To achieve this, the company has appointed a new head of operations in the metaverse. The manager appointed to fill this new role, potentially very important for the future, is Mike White who has been part of the company for 25 years and has held various positions in the technology division.

White will be Senior Vice President of the new division Next Generation Storytelling and Consumer Experiences. Its task will be to develop solutions that will allow the general public to enjoy Disney products in the metaverse. The new manager will practically have to start from scratch, creating a new set of services that will become a fundamental part of the company world over the next few years.

The CEO’s words

In a letter released by Reuters and written by Disney’s CEO, Bob Chapek, and sent to company staff, it reads: “For nearly 100 years, our company has defined and redefined entertainment by leveraging technology to bring stories to life in deeper and more impactful ways. Today we have the opportunity to connect those universes and create an entirely new paradigm for how audiences experience and interact with our stories. “