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PlayStation Productions: New animated intro for TV series and movies

Sony has just shown a new animated intro that it will use to present its future original productions of movies and TV series that fall under the roof of the PlayStation Productions. This acronym shows many of the most iconic characters related to the PlayStation brand, such as Kratos, Nathan Drake, Aloy and so on, and it is very similar to what was seen in the opening dedicated to PlayStation Studios.

Here is the new theme for PlayStation Productions

According to what was declared by PlayStation Productions, the new theme will be published and visible for the first time on the occasion of the release of the film by Uncharted with Tom Holland, arriving in Italian cinemas on February 17 and February 18 in North America. Clearly, from the release of this feature film onwards, the initials will become a must on all productions linked to the PlayStation brand.

It therefore seems that Sony also wants to structure its external audio visual offering to video games more precisely, which could suggest the presence of numerous projects in the pipeline in the near future. On the other hand we already know that a series on The Last of Us is currently in production, along with the one dedicated to the Twisted Metal franchise.

That in the future we will also see something related to the great PlayStation franchises? A series dedicated to the Ghost of Sparta, just to give an example, could be the secret dream of many, but there are many sagas with great cinematic potential, just think also Ratchet & Clank, which would be perfect for a sci-fi themed animated series.

In short, all that remains is to wait for further communications from Sony, perhaps even keeping your fingers crossed.

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