Dive Esports provides the Dive Hub for Italian pro players

Dive Esports: i pro player italiani di Warzone si allenano nel Dive Hub thumbnail

There are now a few days to go until the beginning of the European leg of the Warzone World Series, the important international competitive event organized by Activision Blizzard which will involve only the best players of the world scene, and Dive Esports announces an important initiative, which will take place in the Dive Hub, designed to allow some of the best Italian Call of Duty players to show up at the event on August 4th.

Dive Esports makes the Dive Hub available to Italian pro players

Moonryde (pro player of Fnatic), chosen by Activision as one of the Warzone World Cup Captains for Europe, will train with Washout (Morning Stars streamer and athlete) e Wheretex (first Italian professional player in Call of Duty history) in the Dive Hub, the multifunctional facility that Dive Esports recently inaugurated in Monza.

“This is one of the first experiences of this type in Italy but, although it may seem strange that three players who do not usually play in the same team train together, it is a way of preparing for events of this type by now consolidated at abroad – he explained Massimiliano Rossi, by Dive Esports – The World Series format itself encourages the creation of mixed teams, who can then choose to share this experience from the same place or from different places. As Dive, it seems to us an excellent opportunity to make a contribution, we are pleased to welcome Dario, Riccardo and Ronaldo in our home ”.

Dive Esports will make available to athletes free of charge spaces, infrastructures and equipment necessary for the bootcamp during which the three will be able to play together on the LAN and train to improve the harmony in view of the event, strengthening their bond e improving their fitness also thanks to the support of the Dive Esports staff who will support them until August 4th.

The bootcamp will be streamed on the social channels of the three athletes, who will tell their communities the way to the Warzone World Series. Moonryde, Washout and Waartex will be the only ones in Italy to share this approach and to participate in the event from the same location.

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